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Yunnan University holds job fair



Yunnan University holds a job fair for students graduating in 2021 in Yunnan province on April 8. 

A provincial-level job fair for students graduating in 2021 was held by the Department of Education of Yunnan Province at the Chenggong campus of Yunnan University (YNU) on April 8.

Lin Wenxun, Party secretary of YNU, Fang Jingyun, president of YNU, and other officials from the university participated in the event to learn about students' employment prospects, the market demand for talents, salaries, and more.

More than 200 companies from 20 provinces and cities across the country participated in the job fair, offering more than 8,000 job positions. The event attracted the participation of around 2,500 YNU graduates.

Among the companies were State-owned enterprises, listed companies, Fortune 500 companies, top 500 Chinese companies, top 500 private enterprises, public institutions, and scientific research and design units.

They offered employment opportunities in areas such as manufacturing, education, scientific research, technical services, wholesale and retail, real estate, finance, information transmission, software, and information technology services, leasing, and business services.

Officials from various schools of YNU also attended the event to offer on-site feedback on students' resumes.

The job fair also offered a range of services, including ID photoshoots and employment policy consultations, which were praised by students.

Nearly 6,000 resumes were submitted during the event, and more than 2,000 initial employment intentions were reached.



Graduates and company representatives talk at the job fair. 



A booth at the YNU job fair offers photo-shoot services for ID pictures. 

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