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Enrollment Guide for Chinese Teacher Scholarship 2021

1. Objects of funding

1.1 Non-Chinese nationals;
1.2 Good health, good character, and learning;
1.3 Aspiring to engage in Chinese education, teaching, and related work related to Chinese international promotion;
1.4 Age is generally between 16-35 years of age (unified to September 1, 2021 dollars), serving Chinese teacher Relaxed to 45 years old, undergraduate scholarship applicants generally do not exceed 25One year old.

2. Enrollment categories and application conditions


3. Funding content

The scholarship for international Chinese teachers includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses (except for four-week study students), and comprehensive medical insurance.

4. The application process

4.1 Online application:
Since March 1, 2021, applicants can log the Scholarship website (, register, fill in the "International Chinese Teachers Scholarship Application Form" and attach relevant documents electronically scanned pieces.
4.2 Contact and select the recommending institution Applicants to log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship website to inquire and select the recommending institution.
4.3 The recommending institution reviews and recommends qualified students to Yunnan University. Yunnan University will review the admission qualifications and select the best candidates for pre-admission.
4.4 The Chinese and foreign language exchange and cooperation centers will conduct centralized evaluations and select the best candidates for admission. The assessment results are generally released 2 months before admission.
4.5 Yunnan University will send the admission materials to the recommending institution within 15 working days after confirming the intention of studying abroad with the student.
4.6 Winners printable award certificates online; after the stipulated time to enjoy international Yunnan University registered school teacher in the text scholarships treatment.
4.7 For academic degree students, please refer to the "Annual Evaluation Method for International Chinese Teacher Scholarship" and will be assessed at the end of the first semester.

5. Application materials

Recommended institutions are required to complete the applicant's passport with the name, nationality and correct, real and effective permanent mailing address, etc. to carry out the audit. If the following certification materials are not in Chinese or English, corresponding notarized documents are required.
5.1 A scanned copy of the passport photo page.
5.2 Applicants under the age of 18 must submit a certificate of entrustment signed by their guardian in China.
5.3 A scanned copy of HSK and HSKK score reports (valid for two years).
5.4 Recommendation letter issued by the person in charge of the recommending institution.
5.5 Notarized highest education certificate (certificate of expected graduation) and school transcripts.
5.6 The Master of Chinese International Education must provide two recommendation letters from supervisors with the title of associate professor or above. Offer graduation
The applicants with a work agreement or relevant certification of the proposed teaching institution will be given priority for admission.

6. Application deadline (subject to Beijing time)

6.1 July Admission: Student application deadline is April 15;
6.2 September Admission: Students deadline for applications is May 15;
6.3  December Admission: Students deadline for applications is September 15;
6.4  March 2022 Enrollment: The student application deadline is November 15.

7. Contact information

Contact: Teacher Chu, Teacher Fu
Phone: + 86-871-65032910
Fax: + 86-871-651843424
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