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National internet innovation competition commences at YNU



A launch ceremony for the 7th China College Students' "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is held at Yunnan University on April 19. 

The 7th China College Students' "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is being held nationwide from April to October, according to a recent announcement by the Ministry of Education.

As part of the event, the competition at Yunnan University (YNU) was launched on April 19, with a ceremony held at its School of Software.

Zhao Qihua, vice-president of YNU, addressed the launch ceremony, requiring all departments to promote the competition and encourage teachers and students to participate in the event.

She urged the audience to take this competition as an important means to deepen the reform of education and teaching, strengthen close integration of scientific research innovation and industrial development, and enhance discipline construction and innovation and entrepreneurship education.

She also encouraged teachers and students to combine current political hotspots, regional development characteristics, and disciplinary advantages, and explore high-quality innovative projects integrating science, culture, medicine, and agriculture.

Last year, a total of 6,693 students participated in the competition, submitting 1,289 projects. In the provincial and national-level contests, YNU won five national bronze medals, 20 provincial gold medals, 34 provincial silver medals, and 39 provincial bronze medals.

YNU's total number of medals ranked first among universities and colleges in Yunnan province.

Experts also provided lessons during the launch ceremony, explaining the organization, rules, and key changes of this year's competition. The instruction provided teachers and students at the meeting with a clearer understanding of the event's purpose and tasks, the overall arrangement, project requirements, and the competition system.


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