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Introduction to enrollment of Chinese language training class in 2021

1. Application prerequisites

1.1 Applicants should obey the Chinese laws, comply with Yunnan University's regulations, and respect Chinese customs and public ethical norms.
1.2 Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with valid passports. Health condition conforms with the "Health Examination Standards for Foreign Students" issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
1.3 Applicants’ age range:18-50 years old.

2. Course Duration and Training Methods

Applicants mainly register for the program in spring and autumn. There are 5 different levels of those language classes: Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, and Advanced. Each class normally has 15 students. Language courses are compulsory and culture courses are elective.

Class Information for regular courses of Chinese language and culture


3. Application Methods

3.1 Application Procedure:

Applicants who meet the prerequisites can apply online ( Log on to the website registration system and submit relevant materials as required.

3.2 Application materials:

(1) A photocopy of a valid passport
(2) Notarized Chinese or English degree certificate of the highest level of education. Students who will graduate this year should provide a "Study Certificate" issued by their home universities and their Chinese or English notarization
(3)The original copy or notarized copy of high school transcripts
(4)Personal ID photo, marked with passport number (photo format: color crown-free ID photo with a white background without borders. The head accounts for 2/3 of the photo size which is no less than 320 * 240 pixels, the aspect ratio is 4: 3, the file size between 100 KB and 500KB, in JPG format)
(5)Proof of non-criminal record Notification: Notarized translation must be provided if any of the documents listed above are not in Chinese or English.

3.3 Application Deadline Spring Semester:

31st December 2020 China Standard Time Autumn Semester: 31st May 2021 China Standard Time.

4. Admission

Yunnan University will send the Admission documents.

5. Registration

International admitted students can refer to "Admission Notice" for the registration time and requirements. Students who are not able to complete registration on time due to any reason need to ask for leave in written form. If you did not register for over two weeks without any explanation, your admission qualification will be withdrawn.

6. Fees

6.1 Application Fee

The application fee is 600 Chinese Yuan (CNY)/person, nonrefundable. Free for 2021.


6.2 Tuition Fee

5,800yuan/person/semester; 11,600yuan/person/year. International students should pay tuition according to the rules made by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Yunnan University.


6.3 Accommodation

The arrangement of On-campus accommodation depends on the capacity of the dormitory and the willingness of students. The fees vary with accommodation conditions.


6.4 Insurance

400 yuan/person/half-year; 800 yuan/person/year. International students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Foreign Students.

7. Contact Us

Ms. GUO, Ms. FU
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange



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