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2021 Yunnan provincial government scholarship enrollment Guide

1. Enrollment scope

Including academic education and non-academic education. Academic education includes doctoral, master, and bachelor degrees, and non-academic education includes Chinese language students.

2. Country of admission

Mainly South Asia and Southeast Asia countries, taking into account other countries.

3. Application conditions

3.1 Non-Chinese citizens, in good health.
3.2 Educational background and age requirements:
3.2.1 Those who come to China for undergraduate studies must have a high school diploma, excellent grades, and be under the age of 25 ;
3.2.2 Those who come to China to study for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35 ;
3.2.3 Those who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a master's degree and be under the age of 40 ;
3.2.4 Those who come to China to learn Chinese as advanced Chinese students must have a high school diploma or above and be under 35 years of age.
3.3 Language requirements: applicants for academic qualifications, HSK ( Level 4 ) score of 180 or above.

4. The application process

4.1 Applicants need to complete the application process online. Please log in to "Yunnan University International Student Service Platform"
( ) , fill in the application information in Chinese or English.
4.2 Please complete the online application on April 1, 2021, the deadline will not be accepted.

5. Application materials

Note: All the following materials must be uploaded to the "Yunnan University International Student Service Platform". All uploaded supporting documents must be clear, true, and valid. The applicant shall bear the consequences caused by the unclear or unrecognizable uploaded materials. The following application documents must be attached if they are in languages other than Chinese or English notarized Chinese or English translation.
5.1 "Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form", filled out in Chinese or English;
5.2 A notarized certificate of the highest academic qualification; if the applicant is a school student or is already employed, he/she must also submit a certificate issued by the school where he/she is studying. 
5.3 HSK transcript;
5.4 Notarized high school examination transcripts (for undergraduate applicants) or academic transcripts (for other types of students);
5.5 Study and research plan (undergraduate students no less than 300 words, advanced students no less than 400 words, graduate students no less than 500 words), in use written or written in English;
5.6 Those who apply for master's or doctoral degree and those who apply to study in China as research scholars must submit two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English;
5.7 Students applying for music majors must submit their own works; students applying for fine arts majors must provide 6 color photos of their own works ( 2 sketches, 2 color paintings, 2 other works);
5.8 "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (uniformly printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department), please bring the original when you come to China; fill in English; applicants must strictly follow the items required in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record". The "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" that is missing, does not have a photo of the person affixed, or is not stamped with a seam seal is invalid. Because the examination result is valid for 6 months, the applicant is requested to determine the time for the physical examination accordingly.

6. Admission and notification

6.1 Yunnan University will organize experts to review the applicant's application materials, select candidates to be admitted, and report to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education. Those who meet the requirements will be selected for admission.
6.2 In early July, Yunnan University sent admission materials to scholarship recipients.
6.3 In principle, scholarship recipients are not allowed to change their majors and the duration of the study.
6.4 Scholarship qualifications will not be reserved for those who cannot study in China within the time limit for admission.

7. Contact information

Contact: Teacher Chu, Teacher Fu
Phone: + 86-871-65032910
Fax: + 86-871-651843424
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