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Course Evaluation Center went to Kunming University for business exchanges

On the afternoon of April 21, a group of 7 people including Yu Genya, Executive Deputy Director of the School Curriculum Evaluation Center, Shi Furong, Deputy Director, went to the Yangpu Campus of Kunming University to carry out business exchange activities. Director Wang Tao and Deputy Director Yang Lijiang of the Curriculum Center of Kunming University held an exchange discussion with our school and his party.




After listening to Wang Tao's detailed introduction, the two parties had a comprehensive exchange on course evaluation-related work and conducted in-depth discussions on the relationship between course evaluation and traditional teaching quality monitoring, the appointment and coordination of evaluation experts, and the application of evaluation results. As a focus of this research and exchange, our school and his party have a comprehensive understanding of the course evaluation system used by Kunming College and discussed many technical details in combination with the system demonstration.


The two parties also conducted preliminary discussions on sharing evaluation experts, cooperating in project research, and project declaration in future work.

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