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The fourth phase of the "boosting sunshine talent plan" starts

To enrich the connotation of our school's "funding education" work, and focus on cultivating the good qualities of self-reliance, honesty and trustworthiness, gratitude, and courage to take responsibility for students with financial difficulties. The closing ceremony of the third phase and the opening ceremony of the fourth phase was held in the lecture hall of the International Business School.


The activity first reviewed the third phase of the "Helping Sun Talents Program" undertaken by the School of Information in the development of ideas and beliefs education, four history education, funding policy presentations, office skills improvement, mental health team assistance, reading sharing sessions, innovation and entrepreneurship training, The development of Python drawing skills improvement, etc. commended "outstanding students", "funding ambassadors" and "outstanding staff" who performed outstandingly in the event.




Outstanding student representative and student Wang Jun from the School of Finance and Public Administration gave a speech and talked about his gains from joining the army during his university period, introduced the national funding policy and the influence and help of the "Help Sun Talent Program" on his study and life, and called for participation in the training. The students have a firm confidence, set great ambitions, make great virtues, become talents, and assume great responsibilities, and strive to become newcomers of the era who can be worthy of the great task of national rejuvenation. "Most popular among students", Li Liping, a teacher of the School of Information, said that teaching people how to fish is worse than teaching people how to fish. I hope that students will bring what they have learned to their daily study and life, improve themselves, and serve the motherland.


Through self-registration, on-site interviews, experience evaluation, and other links, 70 students from 16 colleges participated in the fourth phase of "Helping the Sunshine Talents Program". The event will focus on the theme of "inheriting national culture and enhancing national unity", and carry out national unity and progress education, and carry out enrichment through party history learning and education, party ethnic policy learning and preaching, ethnic culture display, ethnic subject research, funding policy publicity, etc. Colorful education work, further implement the party's ethnic policy, cultivate students' awareness of the Chinese nation community, and promote the establishment of a demonstration school for ethnic unity.


Li Kun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Information, Fan Zhihui, Wang Shuai, and Yin Hang, deputy directors of the Student Office, Lei Zhenying, director of the Student Financial Aid Center of the Student Office, and Zhang Di, deputy chief of the Student Section of the School of Information, attended the event.

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