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International students participate in practical activities

On April 2, 2021, the International Student Education Management Center organized all international students on campus to visit the Anning New Campus and to carry out cultural practice and experience activities in Guanglang Cultural and Creative Village. Some teachers from the International Student Education Management Center and overseas colleges participated in the activities.




In the new campus of Anning, the visit of international students was warmly welcomed and received by China Vocational College. Teachers and student volunteers of the college introduced the overall situation of the construction of the new campus to international students and guided teachers and students to visit the teaching building and the actual Training center, student dormitory, living area, canteen, etc. The brand-new modern facilities and beautiful environment, especially the highly simulated training teaching left a deep impression on the international students. International students have expressed that although they are not studying and living in the new campus, they are also very concerned about the development of the new campus. This visit has met their wishes. Throughout the process, Chinese and foreign students exchanged questions and exchanges, friendly interactions, and enhanced friendship.




In the afternoon of the same day, teachers and students arrived at Guanglang Cultural and Creative Village in Anning City and had a 3-hour Chinese tea culture practice experience in Minghe Teahouse. More than 30 international students from more than 10 countries learned how to weigh tea, steamed tea, press tea, and pack tea one by one under the explanation and guidance of tea masters, and experienced Pu'er tea culture by personally practicing all aspects of tea cake making. The unique charm. During the activity, senior tea masters also taught international students about hand washing, meditation, brewing, and tea tasting. At the end of the event, everyone took the tea cakes they made, painted, and packaged by themselves, filled with joy.






This cultural practice experience activity enriched the after-school life of international students, strengthened their sense of belonging to the school, and enhanced the friendship between Chinese and foreign students, and was highly praised by international students.

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