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Manufacture of the flatness control system for tandem cold mill

In the past six months, Professor Liu Hongmin of Yanshan University led the shape measurement and control research team to independently innovate and develop a whole-roll wireless cold-rolled strip shape meter. It has been successfully applied to Anshan Iron and Steel's 1780mm five-stand cold tandem mill to achieve cold connection. The first domestically produced rolling mill shape measurement and control system broke the foreign monopoly. This is a major achievement of my country's technological innovation and self-reliance, and the localization of high-end intelligent large-scale instruments.



Whole-roll wireless cold-rolled strip shape meter applied to Angang's 1780mm five-stand cold tandem mill



Products produced by the shape meter


In July 2020, the foreign flatness measurement and control system equipped with Angang's 1780mm five-stand cold tandem rolling mill was completely damaged, affecting the normal production and strip shape quality. If you order from abroad, not only the price is expensive, but also the cycle is long, at least 9 months, and the resumption of production cannot wait. In response to Angang's urgent needs, the research team of Professor Liu Hongmin urgently developed a set of full-roll wireless shape meters based on years of accumulation, which was put into use in August of that year, which solved the urgent production needs. After more than half a year of operation, various performance indicators have been stable and good. It has not only realized the normal shape detection and control but also reached the international advanced level. It has created more than 80 million yuan in annual profits for the enterprise and has been well received by Anshan Iron and Steel. On this basis, Anshan Iron and Steel has ordered a set of whole roll wireless shape meters.


In the past 10 years, the Yanshan University shape measurement and control research team have independently innovated and developed a whole roll wireless shape with the support of the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National High-Tech Research and Development Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the school-enterprise cooperation project. The instrument and shape control system was successfully applied to more than 10 sets of single-stand cold rolling mills such as Anshan Iron and Steel's 1250mm, Maanshan Iron and Steel's 1720mm, etc., creating profits of 1.1 billion yuan for related enterprises and saving investment of 120 million yuan for the country, which has played a considerable role in replacing imports. , Break the role of monopoly.


The main feature and innovations of the whole roll wireless shape meter and shape control system are the theoretical model of channel coupling and signal decoupling, and the development of a whole roll wireless intelligent shape meter to achieve high-precision flatness detection. A collaborative modeling method of mechanism simulation and measured data is proposed, and an intelligent shape control system is developed to realize high-precision shape control.


The cold-rolled strip steel is high-end quality steel, which is widely used in industries such as automotive appliances, aerospace, electrical, and electronics, and its shape is an important quality indicator. Flatness detection and control is the core key technology of strip cold rolling mills. It is an inevitable choice for the production of high-grade cold-rolled strip steel, and it is also an international research problem. As a high-end intelligent large-scale instrument in the metallurgical rolling process, the shape meter is a complex technical system for shape detection, which is the prerequisite and key to achieving shape control, as well as the core of foreign monopoly secrecy and the hidden danger of "jamming". Since the 1980s, my country has researched shape meters and formed industrial-grade technical equipment has been the goal pursued by the country.


The high-quality cold-rolled strip steel is an important symbol of a strong steel country. There are hundreds of cold strip rolling mills in my country. Most cold rolling mills rely on manual detection and control of flatness, and the accuracy and yield rate are not high. Only a few cold rolling mills rely on imports to be equipped with a shape measurement and control system. But the imported system is not only expensive, but the core key technology is also kept secret to our country, and the maintenance service cost is high, the time is long, and there is a hidden danger of "stuck neck". Relying on independent innovation technology to improve the intelligent level of strip cold rolling mill shape measurement and control and cold rolled strip shape quality is a major demand for the development and upgrading of my country's iron and steel industry.


The successful application of the cold-rolled strip shape meter of Yanshan University on the 1780mm five-stand cold tandem rolling production line of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which is highly continuous and automated and mass-produced, indicates that the domestic shape meter has withstood a more stringent test and embarked on a brand new one. This step has strengthened our international competitiveness, and at the same time boosting our confidence in self-reliance, reflecting the ability and contribution of Yan adults to devote themselves to the importance of a big country and the feelings of family and country. (Edited by Chu Yujing)

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