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President Scholarship of Yanshan University

1. Types and methods of grant

The President Scholarship of Yanshan University is used to subsidize international students who apply to study at their own expense, including doctoral students, master students, undergraduate students, and preparatory students. Chinese government scholarship students and international scholarship students for Chinese teachers are not included in the scope of funding. Following the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness, and preference, the school's leading group for international student enrollment conducts a comprehensive evaluation on all kinds of scholarship applicants on schedule and issues them after passing the evaluation. The specific evaluation and issuance process shall be implemented following the implementation measures for the President Scholarship of Yanshan University.


2. Reward amount

Student type: Undergraduate

Scholarship (10000 yuan): 1. 60000 yuan (for deduction of tuition and part of accommodation)


3. Scholarship application conditions

The applicants must meet the basic requirements for international students of Yanshan University; Applicants should be good to Chinese friends, have excellent academic performance, strictly abide by Chinese laws, social ethics, and school rules and disciplines of Yanshan University, and have good comprehensive quality and moral level.

To apply for an undergraduate scholarship, at least one of the following conditions is required, and those with multiple qualifications are preferred:

(1) HSK grade 5 or above, a high score is preferred;

(2) Participated in all kinds of Chinese skills competitions at all levels and won awards;

(3) The average score of senior high school is above 75;

(4) It has been certified by the national professional association.


4. Scholarship application method

(1) Visit the website of the International Institute of Education :

HTTP// ies. you. edu. Download the application form and submit the following materials:

1) Two copies of the scholarship application form for president of Yanshan University.

2) Notarized highest education / Degree certificate. If the applicant is a student or has been employed, he/she should submit the certificate of study issued by his / her school or the certificate of employment issued by his / her employer. Notarized Chinese or English translation is required for non-Chinese and English versions.

3) Provide academic transcripts. Notarized Chinese or English translation is required for non-Chinese and English versions.

4) Original copy of language proficiency certificate.

5) The original and copy of all kinds of competition award certificates.

6) Original and copies of works or articles published in academic journals.

7) The original and copies of the relevant certification documents of various styles and specialties.

8) Other relevant supporting materials.

Note: the above scholarship application materials should be uploaded to the application system at the same time: HTTP :// admission. you. edu. Lucas. cn

The original of the above materials should be verified at the time of enrollment.

(2) The school of international education identifies the applicants' qualifications and application conditions and submits them to the working group of President scholarship evaluation of Yanshan University for deliberation. The assessment team is composed of members of the leading group for international student enrollment at Yanshan University.

(3) According to the opinions of the college and the materials of the applicants, the assessment working group will review (organize students to interview if necessary) and determine the award-winning list.

(4) The list of students who have won the scholarship will be published on the relevant website for 7 working days. If there is no objection, the College of international education will inform the international students of the admission result in writing.

(5) International students who have won the scholarship will go through the registration and registration procedures according to the time stipulated by the University, otherwise, they will be treated as giving up the scholarship automatically.


5. Application deadline:

May 20


6. Contact information 

Address: School of international education, Yanshan University, 438 Hebei Street, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province

Postcode: 066004

Telephone: + eighty-six - three hundred and thirty-five - eight million ninety-five thousand five hundred and eighteen

Email: Study @ yours. edu. cn

Contacts: Feng Dan, Zhang Wenli

College website: HTTPS :// ies . you. Edu. cn

Online application: HTTP :// admission . you. Edu. Lucas. cn


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