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Reading day activities

[News Center News] On the afternoon of April 17, the World Book Day of Qinhuangdao City "Look at Shaohua, We Are All Dream Chasers" was grandly held in Beidaihe Anaya Lonely Library. This event was managed by the Beidaihe New District Working Committee and Management Committee. The committee and the Qinhuangdao Municipal Library jointly organized the event. Our school was invited to participate in the theme debate session. The library and the school league committee jointly led 4 students from the school debate team to participate in the event.


Guests from the Publicity Department of the Beidaihe New Area Working Committee, Anaya International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and Qinhuangdao Library delivered speeches at the event, introducing the work done by Qinhuangdao City in the integration of culture and tourism and the promotion of national reading in recent years. The event kicked off.


In the themed debate, two representative teams from Yanshan University and Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology launched a fierce debate on "whether traditional libraries are better or online celebrity libraries". Our school’s debate team holds the view that “traditional libraries are good”. They believe that traditional libraries have a long history and have a large collection of books. Most of them are located in the city center or university districts, which can return to reading itself and bring a good reading experience. The contestants of the debate team have clear ideas in each link, each word is precise, confident, close to the debate, layer by layer, and won unanimous praise from the audience.




The purpose of this activity is to create a reading atmosphere for the whole people and advocate a new style of civilized reading. Our school library has always attached great importance to cultural reading promotion activities and has maintained a good cooperative relationship with major public libraries in Qinhuangdao. This participation in the activity also demonstrated the youthful demeanor of Yan University who loves to read, has agile thinking and is full of vitality. 



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