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Li Jianhua's research at Yanshan University

On April 15th, our school’s 77-level steel rolling machinery alumni, Hebei Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, director of the Education, Science, Health and Sports Committee, and party secretary Li Jianhua came to our school for investigation and research, focusing on "the whole chain to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. On the theme of "Providing new kinetic energy for high-quality development", an in-depth discussion was held with our school at 2103, Century Building. The symposium was presided over by Zhao Xianfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school.


Zhao Xianfeng extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Li Jianhua and his entourage. He said that the whole country is currently entering a new stage of development, thoroughly implementing the new development concept, speeding up the construction of a new development pattern, in-depth implementation of the 14th Five-Year Development Plan, and smoothly starting socialist modernization. During the important period of the new journey, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference organized a research activity of "the whole chain to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and to provide new momentum for high-quality development". This activity can promote the high-quality development of science and technology in the whole province and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities in Hebei Province. The national science and technology independence and self-reliance have made contributions. The research team came to our school to conduct special investigations, which is of great significance to promote our school's scientific and technological innovation work.


Li Jianhua congratulated the school for its fruitful results over the past century, expressed his deep feelings for his alma mater, and introduced the purpose of the survey. He said that the current transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities is relatively weak, and the government should build a platform to help universities and research institutes to fully integrate scientific and technological research and development with local needs, increase the enthusiasm for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities, and make more for the country and society. Great contribution.

At the symposium, Wang Desong, the vice president of our school, introduced the major scientific research achievements and the main work of scientific and technological innovation achieved by the school, as well as related strategic measures such as the scientific and technological innovation platform created by the school and the "internal training and external introduction" of scientific research talents. Vice President Zhang Lifeng introduced our school's roots in Hebei to promote scientific and technological research and development, promote the development of Hebei's characteristic industries, and actively mobilize the experience and practices of the integration of universities and enterprises. Former principal Liu Hongmin said that to advocate the integration of science, technology, and engineering, scientific research should be led by applied and basic research, with technological innovation as the key and engineering application as the goal.

In the exchange link, the participants of our school proposed to improve the resource reform, talent evaluation standards, and system for scientific and technological innovation and scientific research transformation in the school, and strive to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel to participate in transformation; further optimize the scientific and technological innovation platform, and build school-local school-enterprise cooperation Open up cooperation space and channels; encourage teachers and teams to participate in various projects required by enterprises, build joint laboratories, engineering centers, and transfer centers with local enterprises, and make every effort to promote the school itself to accelerate technological innovation and achievement transformation, etc. Related suggestions. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions around the subject of the survey.

Zhao Xianfeng said that this symposium will be of great help to further improve the school’s transformation level of scientific and technological achievements and the idea of serving social development. It also has important guiding significance for the development of the school. Our school will further smooth the process of technological innovation and transformation. System and mechanism to make due contributions to the national strategy and the economic and technological development of the province.

Also participating in this event were Wang Zhangpeng, deputy director of the Provincial CPPCC Education, Science, Health and Sports Committee and member of the sub-party group, Xu Fengjuan, director of the Office of the Education, Science, Health and Sports Committee, and Zhang Kai, deputy director, Lin Biao, vice chairman of the Qinhuangdao CPPCC and director of the Democratic Progressive Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee, and CPPCC Secretary-General Jin Ruigang, Director of the Education, Science, Health and Sports Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Li Qiong, Secretary of the Municipal Education Working Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Education Bureau, and Director Liu Hongjun, Deputy Director Meng Pangong, and some provincial CPPCC members of our school, the school office, the Institute of Science and Technology, and Technology The heads of transfer centers, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Electrical Engineering and other units and some of the academic researchers.


Before the meeting, Li Jianhua and his party also visited the Yanshan University History Museum, the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing, Forming Technology, and Equipment, and the State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Preparation Technology and Science, accompanied by Zhao Xianfeng and others. (Edited by Chu Yujing)

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