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Undergraduate Project

1. Application qualifications and submission materials

(1) Basic requirements

one: Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy, have no past medical history of infectious diseases and mental illnesses, have complete study and work experience in the country, have good conduct, and have no criminal record. Willing to understand Chinese history and culture, abide by the Chinese government's laws, regulations, and school rules and regulations, and respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people.

two: Educational background and age requirements

Not older than 25 years of age, high school completion diploma or equivalent, with a complete learning experience from elementary school to high school, complete all the formal high schools certified by the Ministry of Education of the country, and obtain a high school graduation certificate.

three: Language proficiency requirements

The way to teach

Language requirements for admission

Graduation language requirement

Teaching in Chinese

New within the validity period HSK Si level and above, HSKK achievement (to reach intermediate and above).

The Chinese proficiency of undergraduates should reach HSK Level 5.

English taught

Applicants need to meet one of the conditions 1-3 and meet Article 4.

1. The applicant's native language is English or the official language is English;

2. The highest degree obtained is an English-taught program;

3. Pass English international test: IELTS academic score 6.0 points, no less than 5.5 points; TOEFL test 85 points, no less than 20 points, or equivalent; GRE scores no less than 300 points; Duolingo Score above 95 points.

4. Those who have passed the English test after entering the journal.

The Chinese proficiency of undergraduates should reach at least HSK Level 4;



(2) Qualification review

one: The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen holding a valid foreign passport.

two: Chinese citizens after foreign immigrants to apply for the identity of foreign students to study in China who must hold a valid foreign passport or proof of citizenship 4 years (or more), and the last four years (as of school year 4 Yue 30 days ago) of There are records of actual residence abroad for more than 2 years (the actual residence abroad for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, subject to entry and exit signatures).

thee: Applicants can enter the admission process only after the relevant information of the applicant has been reviewed and confirmed by the Exit-Entry Administration Division of the Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau.


(3) Required materials:

one: The online registration system http://admission.ysu.edu.cucas.cn fills in the application information ( with photos ), generates an application form, and fills in it with a complete and continuous description of the stage from junior high school to the highest academic level and work experience;

two: "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (the date of the physical examination shall not exceed 6 months when the admission procedures are completed );

three: A copy of the passport (photo page). The passport cannot be replaced from the application period to before the visa is obtained;

four: A copy of the certificate of enrollment or graduation certificate (for non-Chinese or English versions, a notarized Chinese or English translation must be attached);

five: Copy of high school transcripts (notarized Chinese or English translations must be attached to non-Chinese or English versions);

six: A copy of the new HSK Level 4 certificate within the validity period ;

seven: Recommendation letters from two teachers;

eight: Certificate of no criminal record (needed by non-school students. If the validity period is not indicated, it shall be valid within 6 months; if the validity period is indicated, the materials shall prevail; the student shall provide the certificate of school performance as a certificate of no criminal record);

nine: Proof of personal bank funds ( above US$ 5,000, if the parent guarantees, proof of the relationship between the parents and the student is required);

ten: The registration fee is 600 yuan (At the same time, a scanned copy of the bank receipt needs to be uploaded to the application system of our school).


2. How to apply

one: Log in to the online registration system of the International Education College of Yanshan University http://admission.ysu.edu.cucas.cn, complete the online application and upload the original high-definition scanned version of the application materials. Photographs and copies are not accepted. Applicants are required to mail two complete paper versions of the application materials at the same time to: No. 438, West Section of Hebei Street, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China, Yanshan University International Education College (West Campus) 066004, Teacher Feng, 0335-8095518.

two: Pay the registration fee and upload the scanned copy of the bank receipt to the application system of our school.

three: The enrollment time for academic degree students in the autumn semester (usually September ). If you fill in the information incorrectly and upload the information incompletely, the application will be returned or the approval of subsequent applications will be affected, and you will be responsible for all consequences.


3. Application time limit

Undergraduate category

Application deadline

spring semester

Fall semester

Own expense


8 Yue 20 Ri

Scholarship student

Yanshan University President Scholarship


5 Yue 20 Ri

National Scholarship

The time announced by the China Scholarship Council and the Language Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education shall prevail


4. Fees and refund policy

(1) Charging items and standards

The school collects tuition and accommodation fees by the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and the standards approved by the Hebei Provincial Price Management Department. All fees are denominated in RMB.

Charge items

Charging standard (RMB: Yuan)

registry fee

600 yuan/person


15,700 yuan / academic year / person


800 yuan / year / person

Teaching material fee

Charged according to the actual situation

Accommodation fee

10600 yuan / year / bed (double room)
  21200 yuan / year / room (single room)

Accommodation deposit (paid at check-in, refunded at check-out. If equipment or furniture is damaged, compensation shall be made according to the price)



(2) Refund policy

The school collects tuition and accommodation fees by the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and the standards approved by the Hebei Provincial Price Management Department. All fees are denominated in RMB.

Comply with the relevant provisions of the drop-out students, the school can be made to refund the application, after examination and approval, the school will follow the reasonable and appropriate principles, should refund all or part of the tuition fees, and promptly handle the withdrawal procedures. The fees involved are based on the actual tuition paid during the semester and academic year and are priced in RMB. The specific refund standards shall be implemented by the "Interim Regulations on Refunds for International Students of Yanshan University".


5. Training methods

(1) School system

one: International students in China adopt a flexible academic system.

two: The study period of undergraduate international students can be extended to 6 years at the longest (including suspension of studies and demotion) based on the 4- year standard academic system.

three: International students are exempted from paying tuition during the period of suspension of school and military service.


(2) Academic study

one: Our school implements a credit system for undergraduate teaching. International students should study by the training plan prescribed by the school. Except for individual class-based projects, in principle, they will be in the same class with Chinese students of the same major.

two: The courses taken by undergraduates are divided into required courses and elective courses. The courses selected in each semester must reach the credits specified in the training plan.

three: Course selection procedures are completed by the international students in the educational administration management system according to the school's notice.


(3) Graduation and degree award

one: Undergraduate international students who complete the training plan within the specified time and obtain all the required credits are allowed to graduate and are awarded a graduation certificate;

two: If the undergraduate international students fail to complete the credits within the specified time, they can continue to pay for the study within one year. After completing the credits, they will be granted graduation and a graduation certificate will be issued.

three: According to the "Regulations on Degrees of the People's Republic of China", a bachelor's degree will be awarded to eligible undergraduates who graduated to study in China.


(4) Change of student status

International students who apply for suspension, transfer, withdrawal, change of study major, change of student category, an extension of the study period, and early completion of studies should apply to their college and the School of International Education, and go through the relevant procedures after approval.


6. Contact

Address: School of International Education, Yanshan University, No. 438, Hebei Street, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province

Post Code: 066004

Phone: +86-335-8095518

Email: study@ysu.edu.cn

Contact: Feng Dan, Zhang Wenli

College website: https://ies.ysu.edu.cn

Online application: http://admission.ysu.edu.cucas.cnyuan/person


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