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The library of Yanshan University, formerly known as the library of Northeast Institute of heavy machinery, was officially renamed as the library of Yanshan University in 1997. In 1998, the library building was put into use, with the main building area of 14500 square meters and the branch library area of nearly 12000 square meters. There is more than 70 full-time staff in the library, including office, network center, CALIS resource management department, information technology department, sci-tech novelty retrieval, and reference department, acquisition and Cataloguing Department, circulation department, reading department, and other business departments. Currently, Guo Baofeng is the director of the library, Ding Hua is the Secretary of the general branch, and Gong Xingguo is the deputy director of the library.




1. Collection works

Under the guidance of the collection policy of "ensuring the traditional dominant disciplines, inclining the key disciplines, and giving consideration to the new disciplines", our library has formed a relatively systematic and complete comprehensive collection system after long-term accumulation. So far, our library has collected more than 1.1 million Chinese and foreign books and more than 2200 periodicals, covering almost all disciplines of our university, especially the collection of heavy machinery and related professional books and periodicals. At the same time, the library has strengthened the resource construction with electronic resources as the leading direction, and the reader training and information navigation with network resources and electronic resources services as the main contents. The library has more than 800000 kinds of e-books, more than 50 network commercial databases, and 6 self-built characteristic databases. Among them, the characteristic database of "heavy machinery digital library" is funded by CALIS of the Ministry of Education.




2. Basic settings

Modern technology plays an increasingly important role in the digital construction of the library. Our library is speeding up the network, electronic and digital construction of the library, and constantly marching forward to a new modern library. Our library has been equipped with modern software and hardware, such as data exchange, large server, disk array (cabinet), Huiwen book management system, access control system, monitoring system, book anti-theft system, CALIS portal system, CALIS unified retrieval system, etc.

Good network environment, rich information resources, and high personnel quality make us have the ability to carry out various new services, such as characteristic database construction, sci-tech novelty retrieval, reader training, interlibrary loan, and document delivery, collection and citation retrieval, topic setting service, science librarian, virtual consulting, online appointment and renewal, etc Comments.


3. On Development

With the approval of the Education Department of Hebei Province, the "Digital Library Alliance of colleges and universities of Hebei Province" was established in our library in 2002. Our library is the director unit, and the management center of the "Provincial Digital Library" is also located in our library. Over the past four years, the operation of the "provincial high number map" has initially realized the resource sharing of colleges and universities in our province, saved a lot of money, promoted the cooperation and exchange of colleges and universities, and promoted the digital construction process of our province. In 2003, entrusted by the Provincial Department of education, our library was responsible for the construction of excellent courses website in Colleges and universities of the whole province and has determined that more than 300 excellent courses at the provincial level will go online one after another to serve colleges and universities of the whole province.

In 2005, the Ministry of education's "China Higher Education Document Guarantee System" (CALIS) established the "CALIS Hebei Provincial document information service center" in our library, which further established the leading position of our university library in the Resource Co-Construction and sharing of University Libraries in Hebei Province.

The construction of spiritual civilization is also an important and unremitting work of our library. With the joint efforts of all staff, our library has won many awards, such as "National Women's civilization demonstration post", "advanced library in North China", "excellent unit of building a spiritual civilization of Yanshan University" and so on.


4. Sci-tech Novelty Search

According to Jjfh No. 1 document "Notice of the Ministry of education on setting up the third batch of ministry-level Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval stations in 14 universities including Donghua University", Yanshan University was successfully approved as the ministry level Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Station qualification. The successful approval of Yanshan University's ministerial sci-tech novelty search station is an affirmation of our sci-tech novelty search work and novelty search qualification, which fills the gap of the Hebei eastern region's ministerial sci-tech novelty search station. At the same time, our university has become the first local university in Hebei Province to have a ministerial Sci-tech Novelty Search station.


5. Honors

In June 2005, Yanshan University passed the examination and approval of CALIS (China Higher Education Document Guarantee System) management center and became CALIS Hebei Provincial document information service center, which was contracted by the library of Yanshan University and established the leading position of the library of Yanshan University in the Resource Co-Construction and sharing of University Libraries in Hebei Province. The center is the only provincial center not contracted by "211" universities in China. Since the establishment of the provincial center, it has carried out all kinds of work of "CALIS Hebei literature and information service center" for colleges and universities in Hebei Province. The Provincial Center mobilized personnel to participate in the "CALIS system administrator third training class", "CALIS application software - deployment and implementation training of unified retrieval system" respectively, "CALIS application software deployment and Implementation - portal system training" and "CALIS Western periodical cataloging business training". In 2006, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance entrusted the Ministry of education to hold the "211 Project" public service system construction project expert acceptance meeting, our school library won the "15 CALIS project construction outstanding contribution award".

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