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A donation signing ceremony was held

On May 15th, on the occasion of the school's 119th-anniversary celebration, the school held a donation signing ceremony for the "Liu Xiufan Education Fund". The fund is funded by Academician Liu Xiufan, alumni of our school's veterinary science graduate student in 1988, and Yang Liang, chairman of Shanghai Front Animal Health Co., Ltd., alumni of our school's veterinary science graduate student in 1991, and the president of Shanghai Hengjian Agriculture and Animal Science Co. Manager Cai Huiquan jointly funded the establishment. Academicians Liu Xiufan, Yang Liang, Cai Huiquan, and others attended the event. The principal Jiao Xinan attended the event and delivered a speech. The signing ceremony was presided over by Chen Yao, the chairman of the school education development foundation.

Jiao Xinan, on behalf of the school, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Yang Liang, Cai Huiquan alumni, and Academician Liu Xiufan who generously donated and donated to the school. He briefly introduced the basic situation of the school. Jiao Xinan emphasized that Academician Liu Xiufan has been loyal to education and scientific research for more than 50 years, with fruitful scientific research achievements, and the world is full of peaches and plums. The two alumni Yang Liang and Cai Huiquan are outstanding representatives of the majority of alumni. Their charitable deeds of donating to the school, not only full of deep friendship with his alma mater and teachers, but also demonstrated his outstanding entrepreneurial demeanor of inheriting great love and giving back to society, and set a good example for the younger students. Jiao Xinan pointed out that relevant departments such as the School of Veterinary Medicine and the Foundation should make good use of this fund, steadily promote the construction of connotation, and vigorously promote their gratitude to their alma mater and give back to the society for their good deeds, so that the flowers of virtue will bloom on the campus of Canada!

Yang Liang, Cai Huiquan alumni, and Academician Liu Xiufan delivered speeches respectively. Academician Liu Xiufan hopes that more people can care about and support the development of the "Liu Xiufan Education Fund" and hope that the Education Fund can make more contributions to the training of talents in the school.

President Jiao Xin'an presented the three donors with a certificate of donation honor and a medal of "Yangzhou University Educational Contribution Award". Chairman Chen Yao signed donation agreements with three donors on behalf of the foundation.

Representatives of teachers and students from the School of Veterinary Medicine, External Liaison Office (Alumni Association, Board of Directors, Education Development Foundation Office), and other departments participated in the activities.










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