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SCAU conducts investigation and exchange

On May 7th, Liu Yahong, President of South China Agricultural University, and his entourage came to our school for investigation and exchange and had a discussion on the measures and experience in comprehensively deepening the comprehensive reform of education. President Jiao Xinan attended the symposium and delivered speeches. Vice President Chen Guohong and Vice President Wen Xiaobo of South China Agricultural University attended the event.

Jiao Xinan introduced the school's historical evolution, the basic situation of career development, and main school achievements. He pointed out that Yangzhou University and South China Agricultural University have always maintained good interaction and close cooperation; he hopes that this investigation and exchange will be used as an opportunity to further strengthen contacts and exchanges between the two universities, further strengthen cooperation in related disciplines, and promote the development of related disciplines.

Liu Yahong spoke highly of the achievements of our school's career development and introduced the situation of South China Agricultural University in the construction of high-level universities.

The leaders of the Human Resources Department, the School of Undergraduates, and the Academy of Sciences of South China Agricultural University communicated with the leaders of relevant departments of our school on the topics of the introduction of high-level talents, undergraduate teaching reform, and cultivation of major scientific research results.

Responsible comrades from the President’s Office, the Reform and Development Research Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Science and Technology Office, and the Personnel Office participated in the activity.




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