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The launching ceremony of the school anniversary was held

A thousand-year-old city, Fanghua will always be there; a century-old school, the humanities are changing day by day.


May 19 is the happy day of the school's 119th anniversary. The school held a grand opening ceremony for the first anniversary of the countdown to the 120th anniversary of the school. School party committee secretary Yao Guanxin, principal Jiao Xinan and all the leaders of the school attended the event. The second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Education and the Party History Study and Education Committee of the Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee sent Feng Dasheng, the deputy leader of the fourth tour steering group, and Shao Dejin, a member of the tour steering group and the vice president of Nantong University Magazine, were invited to attend the launching ceremony. Representatives from Nanjing, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Shanghai, and other places and overseas alumni chapters attended the event.


At the event site, Yao Guanxin, on behalf of the school party committee and administration, extended holiday greetings and best wishes to all the teachers, students, and staff of the school and alumni at home and abroad! He said that looking back on the stormy road, we must not forget the mission of education to save the country, the prosperous years of moving westward and building the school, the great practice of merging schools, and the striving for first-class progress. Yao Guanxin emphasized that more than ever, we have the foundation to build a high-level university, are closer to the goal of a high-level university than ever, and have more confidence and ability to realize the vision of a high-level university than ever before.


Yao Guanxin pointed out that the school is currently in the best period of development opportunities in history, and is also in a critical breakthrough period for the construction of a high-level research university. To this end, we must have the determination to fly through the chaotic clouds and still calmly, have the tenacity to smooth the bumps into the road, and have the arrogance of everyone to paddle and drive the big boat, and make strides for a new journey to the construction of a high-level research university.


Yao Guanxin hopes to take the opportunity of carrying out party history learning and education and plan the various tasks of the school celebration in a high position. It is necessary to help the construction of a high-level research university as the goal, and implement the key tasks of the school celebration with high requirements. We should focus on expanding and opening up schools, and serve society and alumni with high standards.


Principal Jiao Xinan announced the name list of the leading group and preparatory working group for the celebration of Yangzhou University.


The meeting announced the first announcement of the 120th anniversary of the school. The announcement pointed out that on May 19, 2022, the school will celebrate its 120th anniversary. We will remember history, systematically summarize the fine traditions and school-running experience of the past 120 years, and deeply understand the essence and contemporary meaning of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions; we will anchor our goals, strengthen academic exchanges, build consensus on ideas, and jointly write high-level research A pen to forge ahead in the construction of a type-oriented university; we will focus on teachers and students, insist on cultivating people with morality, and cultivate more first-class talents with great virtue and wisdom and a distinctive brand of greatness; we will use our heart and affection to unite the friendship of 600,000 alumni and gather Power from all walks of life. The announcement cordially invites all alumni, leaders at all levels, and friends at home and abroad who have been caring about and supporting the career development of Yangzhou University for a long time, to meet on "5.19" to gather in Yangzhou, meet in Yangzhou, take part in a grand event, and talk about the future!


The logo for the 120th anniversary of Yangzhou University was also released on site. The main part of the pattern is composed of streamers with the number 120, which is cheerful and jumping, implying that the 120th-anniversary celebration is a grand gathering for teachers, students, and alumni of the school. After the announcement of the school celebration logo solicitation, the teachers, students, and alumni responded positively and actively contributed articles, which fully reflects the deep feelings of Yang adults for loving the school and prospering the school.


The school selected 15 alumni from home and abroad to serve as the first batch of liaison ambassadors. At the launching ceremony, Secretary Yao Guanxin and Principal Jiao Xinan issued letters of appointment to the first batch of alumni liaison ambassadors.


Fang Yixin, alumni representative, chairman and president of Ruici Medical Group, and alumni of the 1986 degree in clinical medicine, delivered a speech. He said that every student is the spokesperson of Yangtze University. Alumni and his alma mater are a community of shared destiny. The alma mater is proud of the achievements of the alumni, and the alumni are proud of the development of the alma mater. All alumni will do their best to build a bridge to connect with their alma mater. Under the guidance and support of the school, they will contact, unite and gather more alumni, serve the alma mater, repay the alma mater, and jointly contribute to the development of the alma mater!


The teacher representative, the most beautiful teacher in Jiangsu Province, and Professor Yang Jianchang from the College of Agriculture made a speech. He said that the greatest pride of Mr. Yang is to use his diligent hands to build the magnificent cause of the motherland; Mr. Yang's highest glory is to imprint the footprints of his struggle on the great journey of national rejuvenation. The school is about to celebrate its 120th anniversary. This is a great event in the history of the school's development, and it is also a joyous event in the hearts of all Yang adults. All the teachers and students look forward to the energetic and caring alumni of the alma mater coming back to school to narrate friendship, know each other, and seek development; look forward to the social elites who are enthusiastic about education and caring about the development of the school to come to the school to narrate friendship, talk about the future, and become a great cause.


The Executive Chairman of the Student Union and the student of the School of Letters Xu once spoke on behalf of the students. She called on all students to strive to be a student of Yang University who loves the country and the school, has a firm belief, noble morality, willingness to make the dedication, hard work, self-reliance, and hard work. With a heart of passion and youthful passion, add luster to the school celebration; with hard work and hard work, add bricks to the alma mater; with a brand-new attitude and high morale, follow the aspirations of the predecessors, do my best, continue to praise Great Hundred Twenty Glory!


At the event site, the school celebration website was opened. Yao Guanxin, Jiao Xin'an, alumni representatives Feng Dasheng, Fang Yixin, and Tiger, teacher representative Yang Jianchang and others jointly pressed the school celebration countdown handprint.


Members of the school anniversary work leading group, members of the school anniversary office and preparatory workgroup, all middle-level leading cadres, representatives of alumni, and representatives of teachers and students participated in the activity.




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