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Zhejiang teachers have made great achievements

On the evening of May 12th, the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition came to an end at the Chengdu City Concert Hall. After 8 days of fierce competition, Zhejiang Normal University won 4 first prizes, 1-second prize, 1 third prize, and an excellent organization award. The design work "People's Heroes" and the calligraphy and seal cutting work "Red Imprint" won the first prize, and "The Development of Teacher Ethics of Art Majors in Higher Normal Schools Based on Rural Aesthetic Education" and "The Construction and Practice Research of College Students' Art Quality "1455" Cultivation System" The first prize for outstanding cases of college aesthetic education reform and innovation, "Wu Opera Fabric Art Workshop" won the second prize of college students' art practice workshop, and the painting "Green Water and the Green Mountains Are the Golden Mountains and Silver Mountains" won the third prize.


As one of the six representative units in the country, Zhejiang Normal University made typical speeches and exchanges of experience at the excellent case report meeting on reform and innovation of aesthetic education in colleges and universities.


It is reported that the National College Student Art Exhibition is currently the highest standard, the largest scale, and most influential college student art event in China. Since 2005, the Ministry of Education has held a session every three years. With the theme of "Struggle·Innovation·Dedication", the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition attracted more than 6,800 people from 264 teams from all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as from 198 universities in Hong Kong and Macau. Teachers and students participate.

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