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Huang Tongqing and 3 alumni won medals

On April 27, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions held a meeting to celebrate the "May 1st" International Labor Day, commending 2891 collectives and individuals. Teacher Huang Tunqing of Zhejiang Normal University School of Humanities, 1998 alumni Shen Xinquan and Li Yueliang, 2003 alumni Cai Jianyun won the National May 1st, Labor Medal, respectively.


It is understood that in this commendation, a total of 397 collectives won the National May 1st, Labor Medal, 1297 collectives won the National Worker Pioneer, and 1197 people won the National May 1st, Labor Medal. In Zhejiang, 19 collectives won the National May 1st Labor Medal, 54 individuals won the National May 1st Labor Medal, and 50 collectives won the National Worker Pioneer.

This year's recommendation and selection work will continue to be oriented toward the frontline of the grassroots. On the front line of the anti-epidemic, in the factory workshop, on the three-foot podium, in the port of the construction site... these commended advanced collectives and individuals have made outstanding contributions to ordinary positions and created value that belongs to the workers.

Huang Tunqing's personal deeds:


Introduction: Graduated from the Institute of Ancient Books of Zhejiang University, Ph.D. He is currently an associate professor and master tutor in the School of Humanities, Zhejiang Normal University. The main research directions are exegetics, Chinese history, and philology. He presided over 1 National Social Science Fund Youth Project, 3 provincial and ministerial projects, and published more than ten relevant papers in core journals such as "Ancient Chinese Studies", "Zhejiang Social Sciences", "Dunhuang Studies", and "Chinese Literature and History". Participated in projects such as the "Dunhuang Fragmentation Collection", a major scientific and technological project of the National Press and Publication Administration, "The Collection and Sorting of Handwritten Paper Documents for the Chinese Character Bank Project" and other projects. The leader of Zhejiang's first-class undergraduate courses, excellent online open construction courses, virtual simulation experiment courses, and the person in charge of the industry-university cooperation collaborative education project of the Ministry of Education. Advanced individual of Zhejiang Province Education System "Combining Career and Family". In 2017, he won the first prize of the special prize in the liberal arts group of the 10th Zhejiang University Young Teacher Teaching Competition, and the first prize of the first prize in the liberal arts group of the 4th National University Young Teacher Teaching Competition in 2018.

She is a "guide" who leads students to appreciate the infinite charm of the Chinese. In the eyes of students, she is a "confidant" who is also a teacher and friend, and a "hearted person" who devotes himself to the study of traditional culture. She always uses her actions to interpret her persistent pursuit and infinite love for education.

Pay attention to teaching innovation and create a golden class of "Four Haves". She upholds the heart of craftsmanship and devotes herself to education. Take every class with your heart, and create a golden class with breadth, depth, freshness, and temperature. It won the highest award in the national teaching competition and built a national first-class curriculum, which has been widely praised. He has been awarded as the "Excellent Instructor" in provincial discipline competitions many times, the honorary title of "Excellent Head Teacher" in the school, and the "Gold Award" for the excellent class of school style of study.

Insist on educating people as the foundation and inheriting the morals of teachers. Cultivate more than a thousand teachers to become the backbone of teaching in elementary and middle schools, and shine in basic education. Leading peers to devote themselves to education, advanced deeds, and teaching experience are reported in many mainstream media such as "China Faculty", "Zhejiang Faculty", "Zhejiang Education News", and participate in the national youth education tournament tour, covering more than 150 colleges and universities across the country. The number of viewers reached more than 100,000.

Guard the cultural roots and promote the beauty of China. Build a national-level virtual simulation teaching experiment, combine Dunhuang fragments that have been lost for thousands of years, collect and protect precious folk documents, and make the sleeping cultural treasures "live". Through the major course sharing platforms, we have created popular and academic courses such as "Chinese Vocabulary and Culture" and "Dunhuang Literature and Art", with tens of thousands of beneficiaries. Serving the society, in the form of special lectures, seminars, etc., inherit and promote the beauty of language and culture in an all-around and multi-level manner, and promote and popularize the excellent traditional Chinese culture.


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