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Jinhua Municipal Government Scholarship 

To attract more foreign students to study in Jinhua colleges and universities, expand the enrollment scale of international students in Jinhua, improve the level of international students, enhance the understanding and friendship of international students to Jinhua, and encourage international students to learn Chinese and Chinese culture well, establish the "Jinhua Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students in China" "(hereinafter referred to as scholarship).

The scope of the scholarship award is for international students who are one semester and above.


1) Scholarship standards and application conditions

The scholarships are divided into categories A and B, and different award standards are implemented:

1. Type A scholarships are used to subsidize outstanding foreign students who come to our city to receive higher education at the junior college level or above. The scholarship standard is 20,000 yuan per academic year.

2. Type B scholarships are used to support long-term foreign students who come to our city to receive higher education, have excellent overall performance, excellent character, and academics, and study for one semester or more. The scholarship standard is 10,000 yuan per academic year.

3. Jinhua City "recommended students from Sister Cities" studying in Jinhua colleges and universities can enjoy the Jinhua City Government Scholarship for International Students in China. International students who study in Jinan for one academic year or above (including one academic year) enjoy the criteria of Type A scholarship, and those who study in Jinan for less than one academic year enjoy the criteria of Class B scholarship.


2) Application time

The scholarship is reviewed once a year. The deadline for application is July 30.


3) Application conditions

1. Basic conditions

  • Applicants who are studying for a bachelor's degree should obtain a diploma or certificate equivalent to a Chinese senior high school graduation, and be under the age of 30.
  • Applicants who are studying for a master's degree should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, have a recommendation letter from 2 professors or associate professors, and be under the age of 35.
  • Applicants who are studying for a doctoral degree should have a master's degree or equivalent, have a recommendation letter from 2 professors or associate professors, and be under the age of 40.


2. Other conditions

  • Applicants must have foreign nationality, hold a foreign passport, be friendly to China, and be in good health.
  • The applicant has a good performance and abides by the law.
  • Applicants for Chinese-taught majors should have corresponding Chinese proficiency and provide relevant certificates, such as HSK certificate, other Chinese language learning, and examination certificates, etc. Applicants for English-taught majors should have the corresponding English proficiency and provide relevant certificates, such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and other transcripts or other English learning and score certificates.
  • The applicant has not obtained any other scholarships at the same time.


4) Application process

1. Zhejiang Normal University International Student Admissions Network (http://admission.zjnu.edu.cn) applies online.

2. Our school will organize experts to review, and select those who meet the requirements for admission.

3. After being admitted, students pay 400 yuan (or 70 US dollars) for the registration fee.

4. Our school prepares the JW202 form and admission notice and other related materials, and sends them to students.


5) Application materials

Please provide electronic or scanned copies of the following materials:

1. A scanned copy of the passport photo page.

2. "Foreigner Physical Examination Record". This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department and must be completed in English. The "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" that is missing, does not have a photo of the person affixed, or the photo is not stamped with a seam seal, does not have the signature and seal of the doctor and the hospital, is invalid (the download address of the form:


3. Proof of the highest academic qualification, recommendation certificate, and transcript provided by the school before coming to China (translated into Chinese or English, and confirmed by the original school or the local notary department).

4. Study or research plan in China.

5. 2 letters of recommendation from the teacher.


6) Matters needing attention

1. If the passport name in the application form is inconsistent with the scanned passport information, or the relevant certification materials are incomplete, it will be deemed invalid.

2. Winners who are unable to register for any reason must notify the receiving institution in writing 15 days before the registration date and indicate the reason. Those who fail to register without reason will not be eligible for the scholarship and cannot apply for the scholarship again.

3. Those who fail the entrance examination will be disqualified for the scholarship.


7) Contact information

Address: International Students Office, International Division, Zhejiang Normal University, No.688 Yingbin Avenue, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

Post Code: 321004

Contact number: 0579-82283155

Fax: 0579-82280337

Email: admission@zjnu.edu.cn; zjnu@vip.126.com

Admissions website: http://iso.zjnu.edu.cn


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