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"Silk Road" Special Scholarship

1. Scholarship category:

Chinese Government Scholarship "Silk Road" Special Scholarship


2. Admissions major:

Transportation (undergraduate course taught in Chinese), mechanical design and manufacturing, and automation (undergraduate course taught in Chinese).


3. Enrollment target:

Limited to countries along the Belt and Road.


4. Enrollment quota:

4, one of which is a half prize (only subsidies for accommodation, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance)


5. Registration conditions:

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health; no more than 25 years old; and Chinese proficiency at least HSK (Level 3).


6. Scholarship content:

6.1 Full scholarship: including tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance.

6.2 Partial scholarship: one or several items in the full scholarship.


7. Application steps:

7.1 Online application

  • The application website is www.campuschina.org. Select "Online Application" to enter the application page, click "Student Registration" for a new account, and start filling in the application information;
  • Please be sure to read the "Operation Procedure" carefully and start filling out, select the application category B, Zhejiang Normal University's enrollment agency code is 10345 ;
  • Apply after uploading the scanned copy of the application materials.


7.2 Application materials

  • Passport copy
  • Notarized highest education certificate. If the applicant is a fresh graduate from abroad, he/she needs to submit an enrollment certificate and expected graduation certificate issued by the school where he/she is studying. After obtaining the graduation certificate, it needs to be supplemented. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;
  • Copies of graduation certificates and degree certificates and corresponding transcripts (other than Chinese or English, please attach Chinese or English translations);
  • A study and research plan in China (not less than 800 words), written in Chinese or English;
  • Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English.
  • A copy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" and the blood test report. Please bring the original with you when you come to China. Download the form:


  • HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) certificate. Note: Paper application materials do not need to be mailed to the school during the application phase.

Deadline for registration: June 20

Registration address: www.campuschina.org

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