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Campus recruitment fair in spring 2021

On May 9, the 2021 Campus Recruitment Fair and Internship Matchmaking Meeting of "Hundred Enterprises and Ten Thousand Posts" Zhejiang Normal University was held as scheduled. The job fair attracted a total of 181 households from cities in the province such as Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua, and cities outside the province including Beijing, including middle schools, education, and training institutions, banks, pharmaceutical companies, new materials companies, etc. The organization has provided nearly 10,000 jobs, many of which are well-known companies such as Jinfei, New Oriental, and Xueersi. There were more than 2,000 on-site applicants, of which more than 520 had reached preliminary employment intentions with the recruiting unit, and 69 had reached contract intentions on the spot.


Attracting talents, there are strange tricks everywhere

At 9 a.m., representatives of various companies and applicants arrived at the venue one after another. Business representatives enthusiastically announced their own strengths and advantages, and applicants carefully selected their favorite companies for consultation.

"Undergraduate enjoys 600,000, and the highest can be 4.95 million!"

"Career establishment, cash rewards, living allowance, high annual salary... just waiting for you!"

Under the promotion of the New Talent Policy across the country, many places in Zhejiang Province have also introduced relevant talent policies. The Education Bureau of Suichang County has launched the "22 Suichang Talents New Deal" to achieve full coverage of the talent life cycle policy. “In the past, Jinhua’s talent policy has always been in favor of master’s students, and in recent years it has expanded to undergraduate graduates.” The relevant staff of Jinhua Human Resources and Social Affairs Department introduced, “In recent years, Jinhua has launched the smart Selection of Jinhua's Talent Silver Card. , To meet the needs of college students’ talents, so that non-local talent can better understand the city of Jinhua." As a major feature of Jinhua’s talent policy, the Talent Silver Card provides college students with public transportation subsidies, ticket purchases for scenic spots in the city, cultural leisure, and catering. Accommodation, sports and fitness, and many other life conveniences.

Ma Li, deputy director of the Student Affairs Department and director of the Career Development and Employment Service Center of Zhejiang Normal University, said: “We also recommend that 2021 graduates make good use of this year’s policy positions, such as the Western Planning Village Official Program, and our scientific research assistants. At the same time, students should also seek positions from the market and actively participate in the process of job hunting and recruitment."


Diverse pursuits, seize new opportunities

"I prefer companies related to the Internet and electronic products. For example,' Univision Technology' is very good." Chen Taotao, a senior student majoring in transportation at Zhejiang Normal University College of Engineering, conducted a serious investigation at the job fair. She has already received an offer and is still looking for more challenging positions. "I hope to exercise abilities and accumulate experience at work." When choosing a company, she gives priority to the company's salary and location and pays attention to the future growth space...

Zhong Jianing, a senior student majoring in Applied Psychology at Zhejiang Normal University, submitted a resume to Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School. As she is about to graduate, she believes that more experience is needed to engage in professional psychological counseling work, so she is more inclined to do one. Psychological teachers in middle schools. "In fact, there are not too many related positions in psychology. I really hope to find a job with a professional counterpart. I am looking forward to a more stable position like a middle school teacher."

Different units also put forward different expectations for the applicants. Teacher Zhang, a young English training teacher at Gaonengjia, believes that stress resistance and responsibility are qualities that teachers need to possess. “Teachers must be responsible to children, both in learning and psychological. In addition, a spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work is also needed at work. ."

"For a teacher, I think that to have a teacher's morality, dedication is needed. After we recruit staff, we will conduct internal training in the company," said Teacher Shao from Shaoxing Caizi's extracurricular training.


Feel in advance and adapt to new changes

In addition to recent graduates, many non-graduate students also came to the job fair to learn about the employment situation and business conditions. Chen Yuling, a junior majoring in English, plans to apply for an English teacher position in a middle school in the future. “I want to know the requirements and conditions of different units in advance, study and compare, and strive to improve my competitiveness.”

"As a freshman, recruitment seems to be far away for me. I went there with curiosity at first. But when I really shuttled between recruiting positions, I seemed to be able to see a few years After the self." said Chen Jiayun from Chuyang College. Although she is still a freshman, through this job fair, she saw many outstanding companies and schools, and also saw many outstanding applicants, "These have made me more clear about my future goals. It was a very good experience."

Shen Zhechao has passed the postgraduate entrance examination of our school. He came to the job fair to find a suitable internship position: "I want to broaden my horizons and make further plans for future life plans."



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