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1. Q: What kind of school is Zhejiang University?

A: Zhejiang University is a university with a long history and excellent reputation. It is located in Hangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city and a scenic resort in China. It is a comprehensive, research, and innovative university with distinctive characteristics and great influence at home and abroad.


2. Q: What is the school code of Zhejiang University?

A: 10335


3. Q: How many campuses does Zhejiang University have now?

A: The school has 7 campuses, Zijingang, Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi, Zhejiang, Zhoushan, and Haining.


4. Q: How big is Zhejiang University?

A: Zhejiang University covers an area of 6223440 square meters.


5. Q: What is the faculty strength of Zhejiang University?

A: There are 9674 faculty members in Zhejiang University, including 52 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 52 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (including double employment), 15 senior professors in arts, 101 special professors of the "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program" of the Ministry of Education, 154 winners of National Science Fund for outstanding young people. In the list of "double first-class" Construction published by the state, the University was selected as the first-class university construction University (a), 18 disciplines were selected as the first-class construction discipline, ranking the third in the national universities.


6. Q: Where is the address of Zhejiang University?

A: No. 866 Yuanjiang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


7. Q: What are the projects of Zhejiang University for overseas students coming to China?

A: Chinese language advanced students, undergraduate students, postgraduates, doctoral students.


8. Q: What about the project of Zhejiang University to study in China for further Chinese language?

A: The Chinese language advanced students are classified into different classes according to the grade test results of the entrance Chinese level. The study time of each semester is 17 or 18 weeks (including 2 weeks of examination period), 18 class hours of Chinese language class each week, and more than one cultural elective course. Students can choose 1-2 courses per semester according to their own interests and Chinese proficiency. Students who have completed all courses and passed the examination will receive the certificate of Chinese language learning issued by Zhejiang University.


9. Q: What is the curriculum set for Chinese language advanced students from Zhejiang University to study in China?

A: Required courses:

(1) In the primary stage (level 1-3), the main courses include intensive reading, oral English, listening, reading, etc.

(2) In the intermediate stage (level 4-5), the main courses include intensive reading, listening and speaking, writing and reading.

(3) In the advanced stage (level 6-7), the main courses include intensive reading, advanced Chinese synthesis, writing and reading.

The elective courses include: martial arts, Taijiquan, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese characters knowledge, Chinese film and television appreciation, ancient Chinese, HSK examination guidance, oral Chinese business, applied writing, Chinese good stories, contemporary China, etc.

Note: the above elective courses will be arranged according to the actual situation and may be changed. The elective courses offered in each semester shall be subject to the courses announced after the beginning of the course.


10. Q: What is the qualification of Zhejiang University to apply for studying the Chinese language?

A: Age 18 to 65 years old, physical and mental health, with high school graduation and above.


11. Q: How much is the application fee for Chinese language advanced students from Zhejiang University?

A: RMB 400. Whether admitted or not, it will not be returned.


12. Q: How much is the tuition fee for Chinese language advanced students from Zhejiang University?

A: RMB 9000 per semester.


13. Q: How to apply for the Chinese language program of Zhejiang University?

A: Application process:

(1) log in to the international student enrollment system of Zhejiang University (link), register, and activate the account.

(2) Fill in the application form for international students (Chinese language advanced students) of Zhejiang University online and upload a copy of the passport.

(3) Online payment of application fee (RMB 400).

Please submit all materials to the online registration system within the application period. Incomplete materials or unsuccessful online registration will not be accepted. The application fee will not be refunded regardless of whether the applicant is accepted by our university or not.


14. Q: Do foreign students from Zhejiang University need to buy insurance?

A: It needs to be purchased.


15. Q: How much does Zhejiang University pay for the insurance for Chinese language students studying in China?

A: Cost: RMB 400 / semester.

According to China's Ministry of education, international students who study in our school must purchase comprehensive medical insurance in the Chinese mainland as a necessary condition for their enrollment in the new semester. The school will not register students who have not purchased the required comprehensive medical insurance at the time of registration.


16. Q: What are the high-level hospitals in Hangzhou?

A: Run Run Shaw Hospital: Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University. It employs foreign doctors and has a strong international atmosphere.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University: one of the hospitals with the highest level of medical treatment in Hangzhou

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University: one of the hospitals with the highest level of trauma treatment in Hangzhou


17. Q: What kind of holidays do students from Zhejiang University usually have in China?

A: Holidays generally include:

(1) National Day holiday: October 1-7

(2) May Day holiday: May 1-7

(3) New year's Day holiday: January 1-3

(4) Winter vacation: usually from late January to mid-February

(5) Summer vacation: usually from early July to early September

If the national legal holiday comes across the weekend, one or two days will be made up before and after the holiday as working days. Please refer to the relevant notice of the school for details.


18.Q: What's the weather like in Hangzhou?

A: Hangzhou is located at 12 east longitude º sixteen ´, 30 n º fifteen ´, About 100 km away from the East China Sea, it is in a subtropical monsoon climate. Hangzhou has four distinct seasons, warm and humid climate, and the annual average temperature is 16.2 ℃ º C. The average annual precipitation is 1500 mm and the average annual rainfall days are 155 days. The lowest temperature in a year usually occurs in January, while the highest temperature usually occurs in July.


19. Q: How to calculate the temperature conversion in Hangzhou?

A: Fahrenheit to centigrade: minus 32 degrees Fahrenheit and multiply by 5 / 9.


20. Q: What's the voltage of civil use in China?

A: The civil voltage in China is 220 v. please pay attention to prepare the change-over socket (voltage adapter).


21. Q: What do you need to pay attention to when international students from Zhejiang University drink water?

A: In China, tap water cannot be drunk directly. Please remember to drink boiled water or buy purified water for international students.


22. Q: Where do students from Zhejiang University need to apply for residence permits and visas?

A: The residence permit and visa are handled in the exit Entry Administration Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau at No. 35, Huaguang road.


23. Q: Where is the international post office in Hangzhou?

A: New 1 Jiefang Road.


24. Q: How much is the insurance premium for the degree program of Zhejiang University?

A: 800 yuan per year.


25. Q: How much is the registration fee for the degree program of Zhejiang University?

A: RMB 800 / year, whether admitted or not, will not be returned.


26. Q: When is the registration time for the summer program of Zhejiang University to study in China?

A: From now on to June 15, 2021.


27. Q: How much are the registration fee and tuition fee for the summer program of Zhejiang University studying in China?

A: The registration fee is 400 yuan (nonrefundable). The tuition is 3200 yuan.


28. Q: What's the traffic like in Hangzhou?

A: (1) Buses:

There is a public transportation network extending in all directions in Hangzhou. Most buses adopt one ticket system, and the ticket price is usually:

2 yuan or 3 yuan for air-conditioned vehicles (those with "K" in front of the line number are air-conditioned vehicles);

1 yuan or 1.5 yuan for non-air-conditioned vehicles;

Tour bus or sightseeing bus fare is usually 3 to 5 yuan.

Most of the buses in Hangzhou are sold by no one, so there is no change. Therefore, passengers should prepare their own change before getting on the bus, or they can buy the bus IC card.

(2) Taxi:

The taxi condition in Hangzhou is relatively good in the whole country. Pay the fare according to the amount shown on the meter. The starting price is 10 yuan for the first 3 km and 2 yuan for each km.

(3) Tips:

Whenever you take a taxi, please remember to ask the driver for the invoice. There is a license plate number on the invoice. In case you lose something in the car, you can look it up with the invoice.


29. Q: How do foreign students from Zhejiang University exchange foreign currency?

A: Several places in China provide services for the exchange of several major foreign currencies. Banks are the best and safest choice. They provide the official exchange rate and charge a reasonable handling fee. Foreign currency exchange services are also available at airports and major hotels. A passport is required when changing foreign currency. You can carry a portable calculator to calculate whether the exchange is accurate according to the receipt. When you exchange foreign currency with a credit card or another bank card at ATM, sometimes you can't know the exchange rate and handling charge on the spot. Please check your receipt carefully after the transaction. If the charge is too high, you can avoid using it next time. Before you leave the country, you'd better be familiar with the relevant exchange rate in advance.

Note: generally, RMB cannot be used outside China. Please be sure to keep the memo for each exchange. According to government regulations, after the foreign exchange is converted into RMB, only 50% of the amount can be converted back into foreign currency, and the original transaction voucher is required( For example, if you convert 100 US dollars into RMB, you can convert up to 50 US dollars worth of RMB back into US dollars, and you will be required to show the original exchange certificate.) The conversion of RMB into US dollars must be carried out in the Zhejiang branch of the Bank of China.

Please do not conduct foreign exchange transactions outside the official designated place. Such transactions are likely to cause damage to your interests, which is illegal, and the participants may face charges of breaking the relevant foreign exchange trading laws.


30. Q: I want to study at Zhejiang University. Do you have any scholarships?

A: Zhejiang University offers the following scholarships for international undergraduates:

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship

Only for Chinese Teaching Majors, Chinese government scholarship applicants must apply through the Chinese embassy or Consulate General in the country where the applicant is located.

(2) Zhejiang University Freshmen scholarship

Zhejiang University has set up a certain number of new student scholarships for international undergraduate students with good learning attitudes and excellent performance in Chinese teaching. The amount of subsidy is 20000 yuan.

(3) Haining International Campus Sino foreign cooperative education double degree project (English teaching) Scholarship

Haining International Campus has a full or partial scholarship for the Sino foreign joint education double degree program (English teaching). Applicants are required to apply through the joint college website of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign campus of Zhejiang University or the joint college website of Edinburgh University of Zhejiang University.

(4) Zhejiang University engineering all English project scholarship.

(5) International Union Business School global communication and management program (in English) scholarship.

For more details about the scholarship, please refer to the website of the School of international education, Zhejiang University. http://iczu.zju.edu.cn.


31. Q: Do I need to submit a health examination form when I apply for the international undergraduate program at Zhejiang University?

A: To apply for the international undergraduate program of Zhejiang University, there is no need to submit a health examination form.


32. Q: After I submit my application, how long can I know whether I am accepted or not?

A: Zhejiang University will determine the list of pre-admitted students in batches according to their high school grades, language proficiency, and interview or written examination. The pre-admission time is from April to June every year. Applicants can log in to the online application system of Zhejiang University for international students to check the results.


33.Q: Do applicants need to take the entrance examination?

A: Zhejiang University will conduct an interview or written examination for the applicants according to the situation, and the specific arrangement will be notified to the applicants by email.


34. Q: Does Zhejiang University accept international students who are transferred or transferred?

A: "Chinese language" major can accept students who cut in classes. The conditions for placement are as follows: those who have been officially registered and completed more than one year in the Chinese language major of similar universities in China or overseas universities recognized by the Ministry of education of China, and can provide transcripts and learning certificates, and have excellent performance in the Chinese language can apply for placement into the second year of Chinese language major of Zhejiang University, and pass the freshmen examination of this major after enrollment, The students whose scores meet the requirements can enter the second grade.


Except for the major of "Chinese language", Zhejiang University does not accept international students who are transferred to other universities. If they want to study at Zhejiang University, they must apply to our university in the form of freshmen after going through the dropout procedures.


35.Q: How to apply for on-campus accommodation?

A: Please choose your accommodation intention on the application form first, and then pay attention to the online accommodation booking notice on our website, which will be released about one month before the beginning of the school. Please make a reservation in time.


36. Q: What is the length of schooling for masters and doctoral programs?

A: The master's program of Zhejiang University is 2-3 years, and the doctoral program is 3-4 years. The specific length of schooling is subject to the admission notice.


37. Q: To apply for the international postgraduate and doctoral program of Zhejiang University, do I need to contact the relevant tutors at the application stage? How to contact?

A: It is suggested that the applicant should contact the tutor by e-mail at the application stage. You can send your CV, PS, and other related files to the tutor. If the applicant can obtain the "tutor Acceptance Intention form" issued by the tutor, please mail it in the application materials. If not, you can also apply.


38. Q: When should the tuition fees of the freshmen of master's degree and doctoral degree be paid? What are the payment methods?

A: The freshmen should pay the tuition fee of this semester by cash, UnionPay card, or bank transfer on the day of registration. Please mark the name of the student and the purpose of remittance when transferring money. For example Zhang San's graduate tuition.



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