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"Fate Ding Zhejiang University" wedding held




The raindrops in the hot and humid early summer, but the love in the eyes of the new couple are indelible-"I love not only your stalwart body but also the position and the land under your feet." On the afternoon of May 16, the 124th-anniversary celebration of Zhejiang University On the eve of the eve, 124 pairs of Zhejiang University newcomers from 9 provinces across the country returned to the Zijingang campus to participate in the "Yuanding Zhejiang University" 2021 alumni collective wedding. In the witness and blessings of teachers, relatives, and friends, they made a lifelong promise together.

President Wu Zhaohui, Vice President Huang Xianhai, and Vice-Chairmen of the School Development Committee Zheng Zaohuan, Chen Zichen, Ying Yibin, Li Peipei, and other guests attended the ceremony and issued marriage commemorative certificates to the newlyweds. On behalf of the school, Huang Xianhai accepted the quicksand paintings watered by the newcomers.

Wu Zhaohui delivered a speech as the master of marriage, expressing the most sincere blessings to the new alumni who returned to their alma mater and married together. He hopes that everyone will always maintain the warmth of love in each other, raise the height of life in the wing and fly, and expand the breadth of their careers in carrying love. It is hoped that the newcomers will take care of their lovers, deep friendship with Zhejiang University, and responsibility for the country into a lifetime promise, and write extraordinary love in the common growth with their alma mater and the motherland.

Wei Jiang, Dean of the School of Management, as a representative of the newcomer’s "most wanted teacher", presents a strategic management kit to the newcomer from the perspective of a strategic management scholar: We must take good care of the emotional community, maintain the reputation of the "Zhejiang University" community, and build it well Develop the community, integrate the family community into the "Zhejiang University" community, and join hands for a lifetime and a happy life.

"Wish the bride and groom-happy wedding!" In a sincere blessing, the couple exchanged souvenir rings engraved with LOVE@ZJU. The cheerleading team of Zhejiang University, which has won several gold medals on behalf of the school, gave a wonderful performance for the collective wedding. The newlyweds and all the guests sang the school song together, once again pushing the atmosphere of the wedding scene to a climax.

It is reported that this year is the tenth year of the collective wedding ceremony for alumni of the "Yuanding Zhejiang University". As the school’s ten-year inheritance and well-built alumni brand activity, it has witnessed more than 1,800 sweet vows and love stories to alumni and newcomers and cultivated the unique knowledge, tenderness, rationality, and romance of university campus weddings. It is serving alumni, gathering alumni, and promoting The culture of teaching and educating people has had a profound influence.

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