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General Kong Lingcai's report meeting was held



On May 14, a special lecture on party history learning and education was held in Yongqian Theater on Yuquan Campus. General Kong Lingcai, former political commissar of the 63650 armies, major general (junior position), member of the Party History Propaganda Group of the Two Bombs and One Star History Research Association, and deputy director-general Kong Lingcai gave a keynote speech to Zhejiang masters and students. The audience was full, and the applause lasted for a long time.

Wu Xiaozhan, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, awarded General Kong Lingcai a letter of appointment as a tutor for the "Malan Spirit" lecture group at Zhejiang University and a special tutor for national defense education at Zhejiang University.

General Kong Lingcai's report is entitled "Keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's important request to let the spirit of "two bombs and one star" be passed on from generation to generation. He started from the four aspects that the spirit of "two bombs and one star" originated from the great historical mission, demonstrated the great national character, reflected the great pursuit of life, and illuminated the great road to rejuvenation. By telling the moving stories that happened on the Gobi Desert, it vividly demonstrated the spirit of the older generation of science and technology workers who love the motherland, selflessly dedication, self-reliance, hard work, vigorous coordination, and the courage to climb, explaining the "two bombs and one star" The spiritual background, rich connotation, and profound significance. "A deep understanding of the hard-won career of two bombs and one star', the status of a big country, and the hard-won development of security. Like the entrepreneurial predecessors, always have loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, excellence, and gratitude in your heart." General Kong Lingcai said.

This year, three graduates of Zhejiang University are going to work in Malan Base. Jiahao Zhang, a 2018 graduate student of the Department of Physics, presented flowers to General Kong Lingcai as a representative. He reported to General Kong Lingcai: "It's an honor to be a new generation of Malan, Zhejiang University, to learn from you and pay tribute to you!"

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