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Huang Juan Qin lectured at Zhejiang University

On the afternoon of May 7, 2021, Huang Juanqin, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Zhejiang University Press and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Textbook Publishing Center, came to our school to give lectures. The topic of the lecture was: new requirements for the construction of teaching materials in the new era. Director Shi Hong, Deputy Director Hu Xiaohui, Deputy Director Chen Min, Deputy Director Guo Wenying, and more than a dozen international Chinese teachers of the teaching center of our school attended the lecture.

Associate editor Huang Juanqin has long been engaged in teaching materials publishing and teaching services. In her lecture, she emphasized that teaching materials construction is an important support for educating people and talents. Building a world-class teaching material system with Chinese characteristics is an inevitable requirement and an important symbol of running a good education in the new era. . She pointed out that the construction of teaching materials in colleges and universities in the new era will face many new situations and new requirements. Classroom teaching reform requires teaching materials reform, and teaching materials innovation will promote teaching reform. She introduced the "Cube Book" a new-form textbook developed by Zhejiang University Press. The "Book" in "Cube Book" is not only a carrier of knowledge but also a bridge for teacher-student interaction. The "interaction" should be reflected in classroom teaching. And multiple links of after-class teaching: homework, exercises, discussion, evaluation.

The teachers of our school had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Deputy Editor Huang Juanqin on the development of new forms of international Chinese teaching materials. The interactive atmosphere on the scene was very warm.



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