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The international graduate scholarship application process

1) Deadline for application

March 31, 2021


2) Time for the announcement of review results

Zhejiang University will review the application materials of scholarship applicants. The evaluation results of this scholarship are expected to be announced at the end of July or early August 2021.


3) Types and duration of scholarships

1. Category A (full scholarship), including:

1.1 Free of tuition;

1.2 Provide free on-campus accommodation;

1.3 Provide living expenses;

1.4 Provide comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China.


2. Category B (partial scholarship), including:

2.1 Provide free on-campus accommodation;

2.2 Provide living expenses.

*Starting this year, Zhejiang University International Graduate Scholarship B (partial scholarship) no longer includes comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China.


  • For the comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China, please refer to the relevant chapters in the Admissions Guide.
  • Scholarship students are required to conduct experiments or internships that exceed the school's teaching plan, and the excess expenses shall be borne by themselves.
  • The living expenses of the scholarship shall be paid to the students by the school every month.

Doctoral students: 2,000 RMB/month

Master's degree students: 1,700 RMB/month


3. Duration of the scholarship

The duration of the scholarship is the same as the academic system of each major (2-3 academic years for master's students and 3-4 academic years for doctoral students, subject to the study time specified in the admission notice).

Note: The living expenses of the scholarship will be paid by the school every month from the date of admission of scholarship students. New students who register before the 15th (including the 15th) of the month will receive a full-month scholarship living allowance; those who register after the 15th will receive a half-month scholarship living allowance. The scholarship living expenses of graduates shall be paid half a month after the graduation date determined by the school. For those who suspend, drop out, or return to China after graduation, the scholarship living allowance will be suspended from next month. The scholarship living expenses will be issued during the school holidays; scholarship students who fail to receive the scholarship living expenses on time due to leaving school during the holiday can be reissued after returning to school. Scholarship students who fail to register on time without applying for leave, leave school for non-health reasons, or absent from school for more than one month, will stop paying the scholarship living allowance for that month.


4) Applicant qualifications

1. Applicants for Zhejiang University scholarships must meet the qualifications for graduate enrollment at Zhejiang University. Please refer to the enrollment guide for details.

2. No other scholarships at the same time.


5) Application materials to be provided

In addition to the application materials (for details, please refer to the Master's Admissions Guide and Ph.D. Admissions Guide ), scholarship applicants must also submit the following materials:

1. "Zhejiang University Scholarship Application Form", filled out in Chinese or English. Log in to the International Student Application and Enrollment System of Zhejiang University, fill in the information and print the scholarship application form generated by the system.

2. "Foreigner Physical Examination Record", please submit a copy and keep the original by yourself. This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department and needs to be filled out in English. Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" for inspection. The "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" that is missing, has not posted a photo of the person, or has a seal on the photo, and has no signature and seal of a doctor or hospital is invalid. Because the examination results are valid for 6 months, applicants are requested to reasonably arrange the time for their physical examination accordingly.

3. "Certificate of No Criminal Record".

4. The 2021 version of Zhejiang University's tutors accepting foreign study business prospects.

5. The school encourages scholarship applicants to actively provide GRE and NTS-GAT test scores.


  • Incomplete application materials will not be accepted. The application materials sent by email are invalid. There is no need to mail paper application materials.
  • The school’s winter vacation is from January 29, 2021, to February 26, 2021. Application materials submitted during this period will be processed in time after the start of the new semester.


6) Contact information

Mailing address: Office 418, International Education College Building, West District, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Postal Code: 310058

Phone: +86 571 8795 1537

Email: admissionmaster@zju.edu.cn (Master's degree students)

admissionphd@zju.edu.cn (doctorate student)

Fax: +86 571 87951755

Website: http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/


7) Other

1. To apply for Zhejiang University graduate admission and Zhejiang University International Graduate Scholarship, you only need to pay the application fee once;

2. Scholarship recipients must participate in the study phase assessment every semester after coming to the school;

3. The scholarship period of Zhejiang University is the same as the study period stated in the admission notice and cannot be extended;

4. Scholarship students who are unable to continue their studies due to illness or other personal reasons, the scholarship qualifications will not be retained;

5. This method is interpreted by the School of International Education, Zhejiang University.


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