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Introduction to doctoral enrollment


Download the major list of 2020 academic year


Length of schooling

2.5- 3 years


Validity of application

The deadline for application is 31st of July


Semester starts

At the beginning of September (the specific opening time is subject to the Letter of Acceptance)


Application requirements

  • 18 years old or above; With master’s degree and recommended by two professors or associate professors; good health

  •  HSK 5 or above


Application materials

  • Application form (online application)

  • The copy of the passport

  • 3 recent photos (color photo in white background, 35mm* 45mm)

  • The notarized school diploma and the copy of the transcript (if the applicant is under education or in employment, the certificate of study issued by the school the applicant is studying in, or the certificate of employment issued by the employer shall be provided. The documents in other languages except Chinese and English shall be enclosed with the notarized translated version in Chinese or English)

  •  A copy of the HSK transcript

  • Physical examination form(in 6 months )

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