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Holding the 7th International Cultural Festival

On the afternoon of May 25th, the 7th International Cultural Festival of the school opened at the Gymnasium Square of Pinging Campus. With the theme of "Kaleidoscope Observe the Colorful World", this cultural festival conveyed the concept of seeking common ground while reserving differences and prosperous symbiosis in different cultures and demonstrated the unique campus culture of our school’s international students. Li Changzu, a member of the school’s party committee and director of the Propaganda Department, relevant persons in charge of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Rongda Logistics Group, and various colleges were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, representatives of foreign students from various countries appeared on the stage and introduced their own countries in costumes with ethnic characteristics. Young students and teachers started the cultural festival together. Students from all over the world collaborated on the song "We are the World" to express the same dream of young people all over the world to make a better place. At the opening ceremony, the school’s international volunteer team also held a flag-giving ceremony. Volunteer representatives from international students from five countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Yemen, Bangladesh, and Indonesia took over the flag of the international volunteer team. They said With enthusiasm, patience, youth, and vitality, he will participate in a series of activities such as volunteer service in West Lake scenic spot and cartoon festival volunteer service and contribute to the construction of Hangzhou's international city.


The cultural festival activities are divided into three chapters: "Colorful Palette", "Amorous Kaleidoscope" and "Summer Night Music Box". Chinese and foreign students brought wonderful music and dance performances, turning the scene into a beautiful ocean of joy. A group of young girls wearing magic robes took a flash dance, bringing the audience into a wonderful magical world; the foreign students performed Chinese Yue Opera in a different way, and the audience applauded frequently in their singing and posture; the original rap-singing dance "Study in Zhejiang Province" showed the international students of the University of Technology The vivid story of studying in Zhejiang; the live performances of Chinese and foreign student bands sparked cheers; Ghanaian students showed the "most beautiful Ghana" with cheerful dances and confident smiles; Korean students showed the vitality of youth with cheerful, lovely and lively dances; from Rwanda, Students from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Congo (Kinshasa), Zambia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, and other countries sang and danced, or they were dynamic or youthful, with great ethnic characteristics, bringing a wave of visual and audiovisual feasts to the audience.


At the event site, international students from various countries have carefully arranged their own booths to show their unique culture and customs through texts, pictures, videos, handicrafts, flavored food, music, dance, and other forms. Through participating in live games, teachers and students interacted with students from different countries at close range, learned about the costumes, customs, and cultures of different countries, harvested stamps from different booth countries, and experienced the fun of the cultural festival "World Garden Party".


"Each has its own beauty, and the beauty is shared." The International Cultural Festival has been held for the seventh time. This cultural festival has attracted more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign teachers and students from more than 50 countries and multiple universities.


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