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Establishing a "social practice base for international students"

Recently, the International College of our school and Hangzhou Fangzhiguan held a signing and unveiling ceremony for the "Social Practice Base for International Students". Feng Yuemin, head of the Party branch of the college and curator of Hangzhou Local Chronicles Museum, delivered a speech on behalf of the two parties and signed the ceremony. Relevant persons in charge of the college, representatives of some teachers and representatives of international students attended the ceremony.


Feng Yuemin pointed out that in the past three years since the opening of Hangzhou Local Chronicles Museum, it has worked hard to promote Hangzhou geological education activities and has played a subtle and irreplaceable role in promoting Hangzhou's history and culture, promoting traditional Chinese culture, cultivating cultural self-confidence, and invigorating the national spirit. It is hoped that through the cooperation and joint construction with the International College, the social education functions and work effectiveness of the Hangzhou Local Chronicles Hall will be further expanded, and it will play a role in the educational work of "Knowing China and Friends of China" for international students.


Subsequently, the two parties signed a joint construction agreement and unveiled the "Social Practice Base for International Students of the Zhejiang University of Technology".


Hangzhou Local Chronicles Museum has a very profound cultural background. It is a demonstration venue that reflects the characteristics of Hangzhou, popularizes the local conditions of Hangzhou, and carries out traditional cultural education. On the day of the event, the teachers and students of the college visited the Local History Museum under the introduction and guidance of the staff of the Local History Museum, and experienced woodblock printing in the Zizheng Hall, feeling the ancient and profound local history and the woodblock printing technique that embodies the wisdom of ancient China. Currently, Hangzhou is building an international metropolis. The International College hopes that through the platform of Hangzhou Fangzhiguan, international students can experience the ancient and modern Hangzhou. It also hopes that international students can use their bilingual advantages to join volunteers at Hangzhou Fangzhiguan. Go in the line.


This event firmly grasped the educational requirements of the theme of "Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind". The college focused on "Improving quality and efficiency", broadening its thinking, and putting its work into practice. In view of the relative lack of education on national conditions and geography of international students in our school, we actively seek and play the role of excellent social resources in the development of international student education, and also provide a brand-new platform for international students to understand Hangzhou, integrate into Hangzhou, and serve Hangzhou.


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