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Step 1: Prepare all related materials

  • Passport

  • Registration Voucher of Residence (Off-Campus students get the form from local police station; on-Campus students get the form from ICSO)

  • The original receipt of tuition payment and a copy

  • Physical Report (Issued by Zhejiang Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, No.2 Wen San Road)

  • White background photo, Passport size photo

  • Visa application form (Fill it by yourself at Exit-Entry Administration of Hangzhou)

  • Admission Letter (Freshmen Only)

  • JW202/201White sheet (Freshmen Only)

Step 2: Bring the materials mentioned in step1 to ICSO for material review, and after the material audit has been approved, the ICSO will issue visa proof  (for all students)and JW 201/202 yellow sheet(Freshmen Only).

Step 3:Bring all materials(Mentioned in Step 1 and Step 2) to the Entry-exit Administration of Hangzhou to submit materials.



1. Physical Report

Zhejiang Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Time for Physical exam: 8:00-11:00, Monday to Friday

Materials required: 

  • Passport

  • Three passport size photos (size: 3.5x4.5cm)

Address: No.2, Wen San Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0571-87852410, 0571-87852407


No breakfast. Not in menstrual period. Pregnancy should be known by the doctor.

All the International students of the Zhejiang University of Technology have to take student ID books to the medical center. You do not need to collect the report after examination, the medical center will regularly send examination reports of ZJUT students to ICSO by express delivery.

Students can receive reports or apply for visas at International College Student Office(ICSO)by invoices or report receipt photos.


2. Exit and Entry Administration Department of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau

Working time: Monday to Sunday (9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00, daylight saving time is 14:30-17:30), except for legal holidays.

Address: No.169, Wujiang Road, Shangcheng District (Near Kunpeng Road).

Tel: 0571-88209209, 0571-87071973

Transportation:You can take Metro Line 1, Jinjiang Stop, Exit E

You must make an appointment for a visa extension.

International students must make an appointment for a visa before going. Exit and Entry Administration Department only offers 150 reservation numbers every working day. You&rsquo'd better make an appointment two weeks earlier.

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