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Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship

The Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship sponsors students who are studying at the Zhejiang University of Technology.



Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students.



1. No disciplinary record, no criminal record, good personality; Observe Chinese laws and disciplines; be friendly to China

2. Class & Fingerprint Attendance ≥70%

3. No failed course. Good academic results.

4. For applicants with similar conditions, priority will be given to those who take an active part in activities.

5. HSK certificate is an awarded mark.


Essential Materials:

1. Scholarship Application Form(photo attached).

2. Academic Transcript of last year

3. The copy of the passport photo page

4. The copy of the valid Physical Examination Report

5. The copy of your ICBC Bank Receipt  (Your Account Name & ICBC Card NO.  must be clearly visible)

6. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors (Master &doctoral students Only)


Selective Materials

1. The copy of the valid HSK certificate

2. another supporting document

If you want to know more detail and update information, please follow our official WeChat: just-iso

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