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Zhejiang University of Technology Scholarship

To encourage more excellent international students to study in the Zhejiang University of Technology, the Zhejiang University of Technology International Students Scholarship (ZJUT IS Scholarship for short)is established.


Usually, you can get a scholarship if you meet the following basic requirements.

  • Committed to Chinese laws, regulations, and rules of our school;

  • Well conducted with no illegal or criminal record;

  • Study hard with high scores;

  • Have completed registration and been accepted by our school


Of course, you will be disqualified if any of the following behavior is found on you

  • The application materials are fake;

  • Failing to pay the tuition in time according to our regulations;

  • Failing to register within schedule time;

  • Violating school rules and Chinese laws during studying period.


Application Procedure

  1. Students should complete the major application on our official website: www.apply.zjut.edu.cn

  2. After you get the pre-admission letter, your application materials will automatically go through the process of scholarship assessment.

  3. It will cost about 3-4 weeks for your application to be processed and we will email you if you get a ZJUT scholarship.

  4. Students need to send the deposit receipt to this email: ischolarship@zjut.edu.cn and upload it to the application system at the same time.

  5. After students complete the registration, we will help them to get a local bank card(ICBC or ABC).Then we will transfer the scholarship to students bank card in December.

    (Before the registration, all students who get ZJUTscholarship still need to pay a tuition fee)


Type of ZJUT scholarship

  1. Excellence scholarship: equal to 4 years tuition fee(Bachelor) or 3 years tuition fee(Master or PhD)

  2. Merit scholarship: equal to 1-year tuition fee

  3. Friendly scholarship: equal to 1-semester tuition fee

  4. Encouragement scholarship: equal to 1-year accommodation fee(4-bed room)


Application time

Start from the 1st April of every year, we will notify the students who get scholarships once a month.

If you want to know more details about university scholarships, please send an email to: ischolarship@zjut.edu.cn

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