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Accommodation Service

1. On-campus accommodation

The international student dormitory building of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University is located in the "Friendship Building" and "No. 2 East Building" in the second area of student life, and currently only offers double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning, water heater, refrigerator, furniture, ADSL network, etc., each floor has a public laundry room and a public kitchen.

The accommodation deposit for the foreign student apartment building is 400 yuan per person, and the double room accommodation fee is 450 yuan per person per month. The long-term student accommodation fee is paid by the semester. Those who check out halfway can refund part of the accommodation fee on a monthly basis. Short-term students must pay the accommodation fee in one lump sum according to the application period. The accommodation deposit and accommodation fee are collected by the International Students Office. When you leave the accommodation, you can collect it at the International Students Office or the School Accounting and Finance Office with the exit voucher issued by the International Student Apartment Service Office. The electricity bills generated in the apartment are borne by the students themselves.

The "Friendship Building" dormitory for international students is implemented in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for International Student Apartments of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (Trial)"


2. Off-campus accommodation

If the school has enough housing, in principle, students should live in the school dormitory. If housing is in short supply or under special circumstances, students who need to live off-campus must submit the “Application Form for Off-campus Accommodation for Foreign Students of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University” to the International Students Office, and provide relevant materials such as the lease contract and a copy of the landlord’s ID card for review. Go to the police station of your place of residence to register for foreigners' temporary accommodation within 24 hours after entering, and then register your address and contact number at the International Students Office with the temporary accommodation registration form.





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