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International Student Alumni Association established

On May 8, the inaugural meeting of the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University International Student Alumni Association was held in video format. Lijun Ying, Deputy Director of the International Liaison Office (Alumni Office), Wu Yuefeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the International Education Institute and the International Fashion Institute, and Chen Minzhi, Vice President, attended the meeting. More than 10 alumni from Russia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Korea, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Yemen, and other places attended the inauguration meeting.

At the meeting, the participants reviewed and passed the "Zhejiang Sci-Tech University International Student Alumni Association Regulations", "International Student Alumni Association President, Vice President, Secretary-General, and Deputy Secretary-General Suggested List", and elected the 2016 textile engineering major, which is currently Meng Wangshu, a post-doctoral fellow from the School of Textile Science and Engineering of our school, served as the president of the first International Student Alumni Association, and Wajimu from Russia, who majored in International Trade in 2019, served as the secretary-general. Wu Yuefeng issued a letter of appointment to the president of the International Student Alumni Association.


On behalf of the International Student Alumni Association, Meng Wangshu expressed his gratitude to the leaders, teachers, and alumni who have worked hard for the establishment of the alumni association. He said that he would live up to the trust of his alma mater and alumni. Under the guidance of the school alumni association and the support of the alumni With help, earnestly perform the duties of the president, work with the alumni to build the alumni association into the spiritual home of the alumni, continue to grow the alumni association team, give full play to the role of the bridge and bond of the alumni association, gather the strength of the alumni, and promote the alumni and alumni. The connection and cooperation with the alma mater actively promote the alma mater and China and helps to enhance the international reputation and influence of the alma mater.

On behalf of the school and the Alumni Association, Ying Lijun expressed sincere greetings to the majority of international alumni and warm congratulations on the establishment of the International Student Alumni Association. He introduced the development of the school alumni association to all alumni and put forward suggestions and hopes for the international student alumni association in the three aspects of strengthening contact and strengthening the team, enhancing service cohesion, and promoting resource sharing to promote development.

It is reported that the International Student Alumni Association is the 127th alumni association of our school and the first alumni association composed of foreign students. Its establishment is of milestone significance, and it plays an important role in promoting the internationalization of the school and building a warm home for the students of the Zhejiang University of Technology. All alumni of international students will uphold the school motto of "Being Integrity and Learning", continue to carry forward the spirit of the Zhejiang University of Technology, promote the common development of the alma mater and alumni, enhance the friendship between our country and the people of all countries, and help build a community with a shared future for mankind.



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