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Carry out disaster prevention evacuation and fire fighting drills

May 12, 2021, is the country’s thirteenth "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day". To further improve the ability of teachers, students, and staff to resist and respond to emergencies, our school carried out a "Prevention Day" in the library on the afternoon of May 12. Disaster prevention and mitigation emergency evacuation and fire-fighting drills with the theme of "Resolve disaster risks and build a solid foundation for safe development". Li Hui, deputy head of the Fire Rescue Brigade of Qiantang District, Hangzhou, Yu Xiang, instructor of Xiasha Squadron, and several members of Baiyang Squadron came to the school for guidance. Wang Jianjun, the vice-principal of our school, the faculty and staff of the library, archives, teacher development center and the admissions and employment guidance office, all the students in the library that day, the school’s mini fire station, the volunteers of the security department, medical personnel and logistics support personnel about More than 500 people participated in the drill.

This emergency evacuation exercise simulated the scene of a fire in the electronic reading room on the fifth floor of the library due to electrical failure, and all teachers, students, and employees in the library were evacuated in an emergency.

At 2 p.m., the library sirens sounded, and emergency evacuation and fire fighting drills for disaster prevention and mitigation officially began. The teachers and students of the school evacuated the library quickly and in an orderly manner under the unified guidance of all security personnel. A student was trapped on the fifth-floor rooftop. The fire-fighting ladder truck arrived at the scene to "save people in the air." Medical staff set up a temporary ambulance station nearby to treat and bandage the wounds of the rescued students.


The fire was controlled and extinguished with the efforts of the library's volunteer fire station personnel and the miniature fire station personnel. Teachers and students participated in the whole process in a safe and orderly manner. After the teachers, students, and staff assembled in Century Square, the security office counted the number and reported it to the on-site commander. All school personnel successfully evacuated safely.


After the drill, Li Hui commented about the drill.


To carry out this disaster prevention and mitigation emergency evacuation and fire fighting drill, the security department used radio, campus network, electronic display screen, and other methods from May 6th to 13th to conduct fire safety knowledge and various emergency escapes for teachers, students, and employees. Publicity and education of skills, and pre-exercise training for relevant personnel.

The drill achieved the expected goal, enabling teachers and students to master the basic skills and methods for rapid self-rescue and mutual rescue in fires, earthquakes, and other disasters, and improved the ability of teachers and students to respond to emergencies.

It is reported that shortly, the school will carry out disaster prevention and mitigation fire evacuation drills in high-level student dormitories such as Building No. 11 and Youyi Building in the Second District of Life to further improve students' emergency response capabilities.

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