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Hold a donation ceremony

On May 14, the donation ceremony of the "Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Enterprise Acquisition and Dream Fund" was held in Conference Room 308 of the Administration Building of our school. "Qicai·Dream Fund" was established by Ruan Guojiang, a 10th alumnus of our school and general manager of Hangzhou Qicai Network Technology Co., Ltd., with a donation of 500,000 yuan. Zhang Dong, the project leader of Heda Hi-Tech Haiju Center, Zhao Haiqing, general manager of Zhongke Xingnuo Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Yao Jun, deputy secretary of the school party committee, and heads of related functional departments attended the donation ceremony. The donation ceremony was presided over by Chen Yan, Director of the International Liaison Office (Alumni Office).

Yao Jun made a welcome speech. She introduced the situation of the school and the close cooperation between the school and Hangzhou Qicai Network Technology Co., Ltd. On behalf of the school, she expressed her sincere gratitude to the alumni Ruan Guojiang for their deep feelings and positive actions for caring about their alma mater and back-feeding education. She said that the establishment of the "Enterprise Acquisition Dream Fund" is a full affirmation of the cooperation between the two parties and an opportunity to further deepen the cooperation. She hopes that schools and enterprises will work together to create a better future. The school will manage and make good use of the education fund to promote the ideological and political education of our school, the construction of the counselor team, and the development of student badminton, to better assist the development of school-related undertakings.


At the ceremony, Hu Qi, Minister of the Ministry of Education and Industry of the Party Committee, signed a donation agreement with Ruan Guojiang of Hangzhou Enterprise Acquisition Network Technology Co., Ltd. Ruan Guojiang submitted a donation check to the School Education Development Foundation, and Hu Qi issued a donation certificate to Ruan Guojiang.



Ruan Guojiang introduced the company's development and business operations and expressed his gratitude to his alma mater and the School of Law and Politics. According to Ruan Guojiang, the original intention of the donation project is to encourage the enthusiasm of the counselors and better support the work of the counselors, to promote the better and faster development of the school's various undertakings.


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