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The Employment Promotion Association was held

On the afternoon of May 10th, the 2019 Zhejiang Sci-Tech University International Student Internship Practice and Graduate Employment Promotion Conference was successfully held in the Student Activity Center of our school. This promotion conference was hosted by the School of International Education, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, and received strong support from the Foreign Students Management Committee of Zhejiang Higher Education Association and Zhejiang Talent Exchange Association. Tao Weihua, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, Gao Zhengrong, vice president, heads of the Admissions and Employment Guidance Office and Security Office, and members of the party and government leadership team of the International Education Institute visited the site to guide the work.

This promotion conference specially prepared for international students in China attracted more than 40 households such as Alibaba AliExpress, Hangzhou China-Africa Bridge E-commerce Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Pingyao Chemical Co., Ltd., and provided more than 200 internships and jobs. Positions cover various fields such as clothing, materials, management, e-commerce, foreign trade, and marketing. The atmosphere of the promotion meeting was warm. Nearly 200 international students from our school and universities inside and outside the province came to China for consultation and application, covering more than 20 countries including Russia, Mauritius, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mongolia, and Yemen. DABO ABDOULRAHAMAN (Wang Yichen) from Guinea, currently a graduate student of International Trade in the School of Economics and Management of our school, is planning for his second-year graduate professional research. Through the face-to-face communication with employers through this promotion meeting, he successfully communicated with Shenzhen Wancheng Financial Services Group Hangzhou Branch has signed a preliminary internship intent to make full use of their university study time to exercise their professional and practical capabilities. He said: "Thank the school for setting up a platform for this promotion meeting for us so that we can have the opportunity to have close contact with companies and get the opportunity to practice internships outside the school. I am very lucky."

In the end, the promotion meeting reached 42 intentions, including 5 undergraduates, 36 masters, and 1 doctor.

With the continuous expansion of the number of international students coming to China from our school, the importance and urgency of practical education for the cultivation of international students have become increasingly prominent. This promotion conference is a special promotion conference for Zhejiang Sci-tech University international students, which aims to provide students with legal and compliant internship and employment channels so that students have the opportunity to find internship opportunities that match their majors during their studies, and test their abilities through practice. Understand and participate in the development process of China's economy, better serve the economic construction of the "Belt and Road", and become a practitioner of "Knowing China, Aihua, and Youhua".

Given the particularity of studying in China, the school has compiled the "Internship and Employment Guide" for employers and international students under the guidance of relevant departments to publicize relevant national laws and policies and carry out related follow-up work for the promotion meeting, such as visas. Provide guidance on handling, internship process management, etc., so that foreign students in China can practice education with laws, evidence, and rules.




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