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The first phase of the practice group started successfully

On the afternoon of May 14, the opening ceremony of the first phase of the Red Research Practice Group for Postgraduates of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University was held in the 215 Administration Building. Yao Jun, deputy secretary of the school's party committee, heads of the graduate school, and the research and engineering department of the party committee attended the meeting. The headteacher of the Red Research Practice Group and selected students from various colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Feng Feiyun, Vice Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Minister of the Research and Engineering Department of the Party Committee.


At the meeting, Wu Chuanyu, Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the Research and Industry Department of the Party Committee, introduced the general situation and teaching arrangements of the Graduate Red Research Practice Group. Yao Jun awarded the class banner to the first phase of the Red Research and Practice Group for graduate students, and the headteacher of the Red Research and Practice Group announced the student management system. Pu Lumeng, a student representative and a student of the School of Marxism made a statement of “firm one belief, establish two attitudes, and look forward to a future”.

Yao Jun made a speech. She said that it is very meaningful and necessary to hold graduate students' red research practice activities while celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, “The history of the party is the most vivid and convincing textbook. We must draw wisdom and strength from the study and education of party history."She is about to participate in the red research and practice education activities. The postgraduates put forward three requirements: one is to raise awareness and clarify meaning. The majority of young people should shoulder the historical mission, strengthen their confidence in moving forward, set great ambitions, be virtuous, become talents, and shoulder great responsibilities, and strive to become newcomers of the era who can serve as the important task of national rejuvenation. It is necessary to consciously achieve "two overall situations in mind", be concerned with the "big country", and combine personal growth and progress with the development of the country and the rejuvenation of the nation, to obtain a lasting driving force for progress. The second is to cherish opportunities, study hard and be good at learning. She hopes that graduate students cherish the learning opportunities of red research and practice, actively broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, and improve their literacy. They should not only learn theories, knowledge, and spirit, but also learn methods, behave, and do things. She recommends graduate students to independently study "Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Educated Youth" and "Xi Jinping in Zhengding" two must-read books. Students are required to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, strictly abide by various disciplinary requirements, overcome the mentality of going through the scene, and participate seriously. Various activities, complete the learning tasks and strive to achieve practical results. The third is to strengthen exchanges and learn from each other. I hope that graduate students from different colleges can give full play to the advantages of their respective disciplines, strengthen team collaboration and cooperation, enhance mutual exchanges and learning, and nurture new ideas, explore new methods, accumulate new experiences, and win new harvests in the cross-fusion of disciplines and majors. Gain new growth.


It is reported that the students of the first phase of the postgraduate red research practice group will learn the red cultural theory to nourish their original mission in more than two months, go to the red base to learn Shi Mingzhi and inherit the revolutionary spirit, and go to high-tech innovative enterprises to investigate and investigate the deficiencies Make up for shortcomings. In the end, the team members will complete the research project as a group and carry out results reporting and display activities.

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