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Introduction to doctoral program enrollment

(1) Application conditions:

1. Good character, good health, and willingness to abide by relevant Chinese laws and regulations and school rules and regulations. In principle, the age is required to be under 40, with a degree equivalent to a master's degree in a Chinese university.

2. Language requirements:

2.1 Apply for majors taught in Chinese: New HSK Level 4 with a score of 180 and above

2.2 To apply for an English-taught major, at least one of the following conditions must be met:

1) The mother tongue is English

2) The official language is English
3) English for high school or university education

4) TOEFL: 61 (IBT) or 500 (PBT)

5) IELTS: 5.5

3. For those who were originally Chinese citizens and became foreign nationals, our school implements the Ministry of Education Jiaowailai [2009] No. 83 documents.


(2) Application materials:

1. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University International Student Admission Application Form (Applicants must first go through the online application system of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University International Student Admissions Network


Fill in the information and print the application form automatically generated by the system; or


Download "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to Zhejiang Sci-Tech University")

2. Copy of passport with my signature

3. Those who are already in China also need to provide a copy of the valid visa or residence permit for this entry

4. Notarized highest degree certificate and academic transcript (texts other than Chinese or English must be attached with Chinese or English translations)

5. "Foreigner Physical Examination Form". Applicants should strictly follow the required items in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Checklist" for inspection. The "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" that is missing, does not have a photo of the person affixed, or the photo is stamped with a seam seal and does not have the signature and seal of the doctor and the hospital is invalid. The inspection result is valid for 6 months.
(Download the form:

http://admission.zstu.edu.cn/upfile/201505/05230713557a.pdf )

6. Copy of HSK certificate or English proficiency certificate (if any)

7. Applicants who have already studied in other universities in China need to provide the study certificate, attendance rate, and transcript issued by the international student office of the school.

8. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit relevant legal documents of their legal guardian in China, which must be notarized by the Chinese embassy abroad

9. 5 photos (requirements: white background color photo, passport photo size. Photos can be submitted at the time of registration)

10. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English.

11. Other required materials


(3) Charging Standard (Unit: RMB Yuan)

1. Registration fee: 300

2. Tuition: 30000/academic year

3. On-campus accommodation fees (accommodation fees are paid by semester or academic year. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, furniture, bedding, air-conditioning, refrigerator, TV, network interface, etc., and each floor is equipped with a public kitchen and a public laundry room):

3.1 Dormitory deposit: 400/person (if there is no loss or damage in the dormitory when checking out, it can be fully refunded)

3.2 900/room·month (not including electricity bill)
4. Insurance premium: 800/person·year (Insurance liability includes: death, accidental disability, accidental injury medical treatment, accidental hospitalization. The insurance liability is ultimately subject to the insurance company's interpretation.)

4.1 Self-financed students: The expenses are borne by the school.

4.2 Non-self-financed students: The expenses shall be borne by the students themselves.

5. Other fees, such as textbook fees, residence permit application fees, etc.: They are collected based on actual fees and are borne by the students themselves.


(4) Admission procedure:

1. Apply online

1.1 Register an account in the online application system for international students of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

( Http://apply.zstu.edu.cn/ )

1.2 Fill out the application form online before the application deadline

1.3 Upload relevant information

1.4 Pay the registration fee


2. Comprehensive assessment

2.1 Preliminary review of application: The International Students Office in China will initially review the completeness and correctness of the materials submitted by the applicants

2.2 Professional college review: the student materials that pass the preliminary review will be submitted to the professional related college for professional assessment, and some majors will organize interviews. If an interview is organized, relevant information will be notified in advance.


3. Admission confirmation

3.1 The professional college will finalize the admission result based on the comprehensive assessment of students' learning ability, language ability, other supporting materials, and interview assessment

3.2 The Office of International Students in China will send a pre-admission notice to confirm with the students

3.3 The Office of International Students in China sends out the admission notice and JW202 form


(5) Application deadline:

Complete all application procedures before April 30 of the current year.

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