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Traffic service

The main mode of transportation on campus is bicycles, followed by walking. If you often wander around the campus or go shopping or entertainment around the school, it is more appropriate to buy a bicycle and learn to ride a bicycle.

Motorcycles and fuel-assisted vehicles are not allowed on the road and will be detained once they are found.

It is forbidden to drive without a license, and it is not allowed to drive a vehicle with a domestic driver’s license or an international driver’s license. You must apply for the conversion of your international driver’s license to a Chinese driver’s license at the Hangzhou Vehicle Management Office.

When riding an electric bike, pay attention to the speed, the speed limit is 15 km/h.


Important traffic information

1) Shanghai Pudong Airport

If you take a plane to Shanghai Pudong Airport, you can take the airport bus to Hangzhou, and then change to a taxi to Zhejiang Sci-Tech University after arriving in downtown Hangzhou. The taxi fare is about RMB 100-150.

Pudong Airport-Hangzhou

Departure time

8:40 9:50 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 16:40 17:25 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00

Hangzhou-Pudong Airport

Departure time

5:30 6:10 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00

Departure point in Hangzhou: Depart from the Civil Aviation Bus Center of Tiyuchang Road and pass through Huanglong Sports Center


2) Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

Take an airport bus or taxi from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Xiasha. The journey takes about half an hour. The taxi fare is about RMB 100. The airport bus information is as follows:

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport-Xiasha

Departure time

08:20 09:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 18:00 19:30

Xiasha-Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

Departure time

07:15 09:20 10:30 12:10 13:40 15:10 16:30 18:15

Get off the sofa: Civic Center of Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (Metro Jinshahu Station), Shengtai New Century Grand Hotel (297 Xiasha 5th Avenue).

Take an airport bus or taxi from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. The journey takes about half an hour. The taxi fare is about RMB 100.


3) Book a flight ticket


Website: http://english.ctrip.com/

Tel: 4008206666-6 (English service)

Payment method: credit card payment

Zhejiang University Ticketing Network

Website: http://www.zdpw.com/

Phone: 0571-86591000, 86983680, 86983681

Payment method: credit card, cash payment


4) Train

International students who need to take a train can buy tickets at the ticket hall of Hangzhou Railway Station, or two ticket offices in Xiasha:

Address of Xiasha train ticket sales agent:

Xiasha Higher Education Development Zone Agency Sales Office Address: Xiasha Development Zone, No. 6 Street, No. 616, Xueyuan Street Agency Sales Office Address: Hangzhou City Xiasha Xueyuan Street 445 No. G5-1

Hangzhou Railway Station (City Station) Address: City Station Square, No. 1 Huancheng East Road (You can take bus K525 directly)


5) Long-distance bus

International students who need to take long-distance buses can buy tickets at various long-distance bus stations or through various postal outlets in Xiasha.

The names and addresses of the main long-distance bus stations in Hangzhou are as follows:

Hangzhou Jiubao Passenger Transport Center Address: Near the intersection of Desheng Road, Hanghai Road, Tel: 87650678

Hangzhou South Long-distance Bus Station Address: 407 Qiutao Road Tel: 86075352

Hangzhou West Long-distance Bus Station Address: No. 357 Tianmushan Road Tel: 85222237

Hangzhou North Long-distance Bus Station Address: 766 Moganshan Road Tel: 88097761

Information about Hangzhou long-distance bus schedules can be found at: www.hzcy.com

6) Main bus lines

International students who need to go to downtown Hangzhou can choose to take the following bus lines:


Metro Line 1

Main stations: Xianghu Lake, Binkang Road, Xixing, Binhe Road → Jiangling Road, Jinjiang Road, Wujiang Road, Chengzhan Road, Ding'an Road, Longxiang Bridge, Fengqi Road, Wulin Square, West Lake Cultural Square, Datieguan, Zhalongkou, East Railway Station, Pengbu, Qibao, Jiuhe Road, Jiubao, Passenger Transport Center, Xiasha West, Jinsha Lake, Ganesha Road, Wanze Road (that is, west of the school's main entrance on No. 2 Street)


BRT Line 1 (B1)

Main stops: Huanglong Bus Station, Bazi Bridge, Wulin Square North, Bus Corporation, East Bus Station, Pengbu, Yaochang, Babao South, Yanggong Village, Xingfu Bridge, No. 1 Intersection, Xueyuan Street Wanze Intersection , Xueyuan Street Wenxuan Intersection, Xiasha Higher Education East District


BRT Line 4

Main stops: Times Electronics Market, Songjiang Village, Cuiyuan District 1, Wenyi Road College Intersection, Provincial Party School, Desheng New Village South, Desheng East Village (Desheng Road), Desheng Road Nine Ring Road, Jiubao Passenger Transport Center North, Yuya River Bridge, Desheng Road, Yuya Intersection, Xueyuan Street Wanze Intersection, China Jiliang University, Xueyuan Street Wenjin Intersection, Xueyuan Street Wenhui Intersection, Xiasha Higher Education East District




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