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Introduction to international student enrollment

1. School profile:

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law is an ordinary higher education institution directly under the Ministry of Education of the people's Republic of China, with economy, law and management as the backbone. It also has nine disciplines, including philosophy, literature, history, science, engineering, and art. This is a national institution. " The 211 Project "University and 985 Project advantageous discipline innovation platform" focuses on university construction and is selected as a world-class university and first-class discipline ("double first-class") to build a university and discipline. The school has two campuses. Nanhu campus is located by the beautiful Nanhu Lake, and Shouyi campus is located under the yellow crane building with a long history. Our university is the recipient of Chinese government scholarship students and provides overseas scholarships for excellent students. Welcome students from all over the world to study at Zhongnan University of economics and law.


2. Project introduction:

2.1 Academic degree program

(1) Undergraduate Project

(2) Master's Program

(3) Ph.D. Project


2.2 Non-academic degree programs

(1) Professional training program (consistent with degree study)

(2) Chinese training program:

The course offers elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses. Students will be arranged to pass the Chinese Proficiency Test and enter the corresponding classroom.

There are about 15 to 20 students in each class.


3. Application time:

Application time for autumn admission: from the 1st of 3 months to the 15th of 6 months

Application time for admission in spring: from the 1st of October to the 10th of December (the previous year)


4. Application materials:

Application materials

Chinese Language Training Program

Undergraduate Project

Master's Program/General training

Ph.D. Project/Advanced training

Application form

photocopy of passport

Highest degree certificate




A medical certificate

Language proof


Letter of recommendation



study plan




5. Application procedure:

5.1 register online:

(1) Applicants register and log on to the International Student Registration Website of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law:http://iesmis.zuel.edu.cn

(2) Complete the form, upload the application materials as required, and submit the electronic registration information.

5.2 Eligibility: Applicants can check admission status through the online platformAfter pre-admission, it will be sent to relevant departments for approval.

5.3 Admission notice: We will mail the admission notice and the application form for the visa application form for foreign students studying in China as soon as possible after the admission documents are completed. Please check the mail regularly and confirm the mail address of the ground.


6. Cost information:

Student category

Duration of study

Tuition (RMB)(Per person/Per year)

Registry fee

Accommodation fee

Medical insurance


4 years

16,000 yuan

500 yuan

Accommodation: 750 yuan/bed/month


Single room: 1350 yuan/Room/month

You must purchase insurance for studying in China. It is recommended to purchase health insurance for international students from Ping An Insurance Company of China. The premium: 800 yuan/year/people


Postgraduate (Chinese-taught)

2-3 years

20,000 yuan

Postgraduate (Taught in English)

2 years

30,000 yuan

Doctoral students (taught in Chinese)

3 years

24,000 yuan

Ph.D. students (Taught in English)

3 years

34,000 yuan

General training students

Within 2 years

16,000 yuan

Advanced training students

Within 1 year

20,000 yuan

Chinese language students

1 year

16,000 yuan


7. Scholarship information:

7.1 Chinese Government Scholarship (Bilateral Programs in Countries, Great Wall Scholarship Programs, China-EU Student Exchange Program, China-AUNScholarship project, Pacific Islands Forum project, World Meteorological Organization project)


7.2 Chinese Government Scholarship University Graduate Program


7.3 Chinese Government Scholarship "Silk Road" Project


7.4 Chinese Government Scholarship Intellectual Property Law Project


7.5 Confucius Institute Scholarship Program


7.6 Special Scholarship Program for Chinese and American People Cultural Exchange Degree Students


7.7 CEIBS Credit Student Scholarship Program

7.8 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Scholarship Program for International Students in China



8. Contact information:

Address: No. 1820, Nanhu Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Postal code: 430073

Unitedsystempeople: Teacher Zhu

Electricity works: 0086-27-88387760

Mailbox: admissions@zuel.edu.cn

Network site: http://ies.zuel.edu.cn

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