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Face to face communication between teachers and students

In order to implement the guiding spirit of General Secretary Jin Ping’s “I must do practical work for the masses” at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, the practical activities of “I Do Practical Work for the Masses” should be carried out. On the afternoon of April 27th, International Education The second “faculty and student face-to-face exchange meeting” of the college was held in conference room 209 of the college. Yao Li, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, Huang Juan, dean of the School of International Education, and related teachers gathered together with 5 international students from Botswana, Ghana, Palestine, Congo (DRC) and other countries to have a candid exchange.




At the exchange meeting, the students expressed their opinions and suggestions on the enrollment, training, student activities, internship, and employment of studying in China. Yao Li and the teachers listened patiently, understood the students’ demands in detail, and carried out relevant activities on the spot. Guidance and deployment of work. Yao Li said, “Thank you very much for your valuable comments. We will summarize, research, and summarize the comments and find a reasonable solution to achieve response to students'. I also hope that all international students will cherish the Chinese study time, strengthen Chinese language learning, improve professional quality, convey Chinese voice, tell Chinese stories well, spread Chinese culture and Chinese spirit to all parts of the world, and become a bridge between China and foreign countries."




Finally, the international students expressed their gratitude to the school for its long-term guidance and assistance to international students and the valuable exchange opportunities provided by the school. In the future, they will work harder to improve themselves and hope to contribute to the internationalization of the school.

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