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End of online "Chinese Bridge" project

Recently, the two-week “Chinese Bridge” online project of the Language Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education was completed. 122 students from more than 40 countries around the world participated in this language course and the "Contemporary China" series of courses.

Because of the uneven Chinese proficiency of the students, this language course adopts hierarchical teaching, teaching students to follow their aptitude and individuality. In cultural courses, teachers carefully prepare lessons, adopt novel teaching methods, and strive to create lively and interactive online classrooms. Although there are only two weeks of study time, the trainees have said that they have not only improved their Chinese language skills, but also have a deep understanding of contemporary China’s economic and social development, especially the rapid economic development of Zhejiang, and have a taste of the historical accumulation of thousands of years. How to seize the internationalization and digitalization of Hangzhou to make the road of smart city development. As Moroccan student, Oumayma Riahi said: The kind and lively and interesting classroom teaching of the "Chinese Bridge" teachers left a deep impression on me. After two weeks of study, I have not only improved my Chinese but also have a deeper understanding of China, especially Hangzhou. When the spring blossoms in the coming year and the epidemic has dissipated, I must come to Hangzhou and come to Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. Learn. "

The "Chinese Bridge" online project is a brand new attempt. Even if the students are overseas, they are not restricted by time or region. It provides a good opportunity for students to better learn Chinese, perceives Chinese culture, and understand contemporary China. Through this event, our school has further accumulated relevant experience and hopes that more students can be organized to join the Chinese language learning team in the future, build a bridge of friendship between China and different countries in economic, cultural, and educational exchanges, and show the Chinese style. Spread the voice of China.





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