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Visit the College of Humanities and international education

In order to facilitate the realization of the university's goal of renaming, comprehensively promote the implementation of the school's "13th Five-Year Plan", and improve the level of connotation construction and guarantee conditions of the school. On October 22, a three-person team including Director Lu Shengli, Deputy Director Fan Yanlong, and Chen Hongye of the Academic Affairs Office came to our hospital for investigation. Members of the party and government team, professional leaders, and academic staff of our college participated in the survey. The Office of Educational Affairs has on the characteristics of our school's educational philosophy, the implementation of teaching management and teaching reforms, the integration of production and education, the innovation and entrepreneurship education, the training of teachers' teaching ability and policy incentives; the construction of teacher ethics and teaching supervision, teaching reform and classroom teaching; teaching management and academic work Guidance; teachers' teaching ability training and teaching motivation; the reform of "at most one run" and the work style of the Academic Affairs Office conducted face-to-face communication and comprehensive understanding.

The secretary/dean of our school Ye Han put forward several suggestions on the accounting methods of teaching workload, teaching materials for foreign students, HSK test for foreign students, and the construction of the Putonghua test station. I hope that the school will pay more attention to the construction of basic disciplines and Chinese teaching for foreign students. Invest in the construction of liberal arts laboratories and support the construction of liberal arts majors. Deputy Secretary Guo Feng proposed to improve the efficiency of work, reduce the burden on students, and implement the "maximum run once" reform. Teacher Liu Yu, director of the Academic Affairs Office, proposed to strengthen the training of academic staff and teaching secretaries to improve the management ability of the teaching team. Other personnel also put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of their respective positions.


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