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Life Guide

1. Medical services

The number of the emergency center is 120

Zhejiang University of science and technology has its own hospital, and Hangzhou city has a large general hospital. You can choose different hospitals according to your needs.

All medical expenses, transportation expenses, and other related expenses shall be borne by students themselves.

Here are the addresses and telephone numbers of some hospitals:


1.1 Hospital of Zhejiang University of science and technology

Address: Zhejiang University of science and technology

Tel: 85070120


1.2 Run Run Shaw Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University

Address: No.3, Qingchun East Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 86090073 (switchboard)


1.3 Hangzhou hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

Address: 453 Stadium Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 85157591


1.4 The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University

Address: 79 Qingchun Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 87236300


1.5 The Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University

Address: No.68 Jiefang Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 87783883


1.6 Xixi hospital, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Address: Southwest of the intersection of Tianmushan Road and North Ring Road

Tel: 86481561


1.7 Zhejiang Green City Hospital

Address: 409 gudun Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Tel: 88857888


1.8 Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province

Address: No.234 GUCUI Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 89920000


2. Medical insurance

All foreign students studying in China need to buy group comprehensive insurance in the Chinese mainland. The group comprehensive insurance premium for international students aged 6-45 is RMB 400 for half a year and RMB 800 for one year. The standard content includes life insurance, insured amount: 100000 yuan; Accidental injury medical insurance, the insured amount: 20000 yuan; Inpatient medical insurance, insured amount: 400000 yuan; Disease outpatient insurance, the insured amount: 20000 yuan. The daily limit is 600 yuan, the starting line is 650 yuan (deductible), and the compensation proportion is 85%

Note: all the above medical institutions are limited to public hospitals in the mainland of the people's Republic of China. The scope of medical expenses can only be limited to the items and expenses that meet the scope of local social basic medical insurance but bear the expenses of class B drugs.


3. Use of Library

The library of Zhejiang University of science and technology is open to foreign students. With one card, you can read books and documents in the library.

The university is equipped with a special reading room for international students, which is located in rooms 307 and 309 in the east of the library. In addition, there are special foreign language staff in the library to provide consulting services for international students, office: East 307, Tel: 85070821.

If foreign students have any questions in the process of borrowing books or using the library, they can ask the staff of the library for help at any time.


4. Safety services

Zhejiang's public security is good. It's safe to live and study in Zhejiang. But I suggest you don't take it lightly.

First of all, you should take good care of your passport, money, and belongings. You should not take your passport and a lot of money and belongings with you. You can prove your identity in Zhejiang University of science and technology and Hangzhou with your student ID card. Valuables in the room must be locked, before going out to turn off the water and electricity switch, close the doors and windows.

When you travel, you should abide by traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety. For the sake of safety, motorcycles and motor vehicles are prohibited in the school, otherwise, they will be confiscated.

In case of problems, we must report to the international student management center in time. Teachers will try their best to help you.


Call the police:

Police: 110

Fire alarm: 119

Traffic accidents: 122

First aid: 120

You can make the above calls free of charge on any phone, such as IC card phone, coin phone, etc. you can make emergency calls directly without inserting a card or coin.

Zhejiang University of science and technology 24-hour alarm telephone: 85070110.


5. Accommodation management

The second, third, and fourth buildings of the Songsong apartment and the seventh and the fourth buildings of Donghe apartment are international students' apartments. Students should abide by the management system of a dormitory for foreign students of Zhejiang University of science and technology, and those who violate the regulations will be punished accordingly.


5.1 Management system of a dormitory for foreign students

5.1.1 students must register their accommodation with their valid identity documents (such as passports) when they come to school for study. Students can enter the designated room after they have completed the accommodation procedures. International students can choose the housing specifications according to their own wishes.

5.1.2 once the room is selected, the students are not allowed to change in principle.

5.1.3 the school generally does not provide husband and wife housing and the family room for overseas students. In case of special circumstances, the family members and children of students living in the overseas students' building shall pay certain fees after the approval of the management center for international students.

5.1.4 before the student's check-in, they should check the items provided in the room, and compare them with the list of articles provided by the international students' rooms. After they conform with the list, sign the list.

5.1.5 during the stay period, the students should take care of and use all the facilities in the house reasonably. If the house or facilities are damaged due to improper use, the students who have been admitted shall bear the maintenance cost, and those who cannot be repaired shall be compensated at the price; The occupants shall keep the walls and floors of the house clean by themselves, and make the house in a state of direct delivery to the next person for use when checking out. If additional cleaning or repair work is required by the Zhejiang University of science and technology when checking out, the cost incurred shall be borne by the students (cleaning costs are 20-50 yuan).

5.1.6 students who are studying abroad shall pay the accommodation fee on time. If the accommodation fee is overdue for more than two weeks, they will cut off the power supply to their dormitory and order them to move out.

5.1.7 the residence time of long-term international students in the dormitory building of international students is at least one semester. If the person moves out in the middle of less than one semester, the logistics service department (2-122 of Songsong apartment) shall be informed one month in advance. The original accommodation fee shall be charged at 80 yuan/day for short-term student accommodation. If the fee is not paid on time, it shall be deducted from the deposit until the deposit is deducted.

5.1.8 the logistics service department shall be informed one week in advance when checking out at the end of the semester. If the period of residence is to be extended, the expenses shall be paid before the expiration of the period. If the expenses are not paid, the stay period shall not be extended.

5.1.9 overseas students shall not lend their rooms to others for use when they travel or return home during holidays, and they shall not use dormitories to engage in activities that violate Chinese laws and school rules.

5.1.10 if the family members and friends of overseas students who visit China need to stay, they shall hold relevant certificates (passports) for studying, working, or traveling in China, and go to the international student management center to handle temporary accommodation procedures at their own expense. Students abroad shall not stay, transfer or sublet their own beds (rooms) without permission.

5.1.11 keep the dormitory clean inside and outside, and do not post slogans, pictures, and other publicity materials in public places. Do not stack sundries in corridors, toilets, toilets, etc. The bicycles (or motor cars) of overseas students shall be parked at the specified places.

5.1.12 take good care of the public property in the dormitory building, including microwave oven, washing machine, etc., and if there is any damage, punishment will be given according to the seriousness of the plot.

5.1.13 when leaving the dormitory, the door shall be locked in time, and a large amount of cash shall be deposited in the bank, and the valuables shall be kept properly to prevent theft.

5.1.14 pets shall not be fed in the dormitory. If the violation is not valid after persuasion, the logistics service department shall confiscate the pet.

5.1.15 keep the dormitory quiet, not loud and loud, and do not play the sound equipment in a high voice. No alcohol or trouble, dance, or gambling activities in dormitories are allowed.

5.1.16  please pull the water heater plug out of the socket when bathing; After watching TV, please cut off the power.

5.1.17 to save energy, please turn off all electrical appliances, especially the air conditioning equipment with high energy consumption when leaving the room.


5.2  Relevant provisions on the electricity consumption of dormitory for foreign students

5.2.1 To ensure the safety of students living abroad, it is forbidden to use dangerous heating equipment such as an electric furnace, alcohol furnace or electric blanket to prevent fire. The violation will be confiscated. If the accident is caused by the use of such dangerous equipment, the whole loss will be borne by the perpetrator and the responsible person shall be investigated. Smoke and use the fire in time to extinguish.

5.2.2 In case of any failure of lighting appliances or circuits, it shall report to dormitory management personnel in time, and the management personnel shall arrange electricians to carry out maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle or repair them by themselves.


5.3 The system of reception for foreign students' dormitory

To ensure the normal learning and living order of international students, please observe the following rules:

5.3.1 Visitors must abide by the school rules and regulations of the school and the regulations of the dormitory building for international students.

5.3.2 Visitors are not allowed to take pets such as cats and dogs into the house.

5.3.3 Visitors shall not make loud noises in the dormitory and drink alcohol.

5.3.4 Visitors must leave the dormitory before 10:30 p.m. when visiting the dormitory.

5.3.4 No visitors are allowed to stay in the dormitory of international students. If foreign guests need to stay in special circumstances, they shall go through temporary accommodation registration formalities with a valid passport or residence certificate after the approval of the logistics service department and international student management center. The accommodation cost is 80 yuan / day / room.


5.4 Regulations on the administration of accommodation outside the school for foreign students

Foreign students shall handle the formalities of accommodation outside the school by the following provisions:

5.4.1 Submit the application form for overseas students' out of school accommodation to the international student management center, and provide the relevant materials such as lease contract for review,

The international student management center shall sign and seal and keep it for reference.

5.4.2 Within 24 hours after the stay, the resident station or the overseas personnel service station shall be registered with the valid entry and exit certificate such as my passport, fill in the registration form of temporary accommodation for overseas personnel truthfully and receive the certificate of applying for temporary residence of overseas personnel; For those who live in private houses, they shall submit the valid identity documents and the house ownership certificates of the owner of the house; If the house is resident in a unit, it shall provide the house ownership certificate and the unit introduction letter; If it is a house to rent, a housing lease contract shall be provided.

5.4.3 Copy and file the certificate of temporary residence registration of overseas personnel to the school international student management center, and register the address number

Or phone number and other contact information.

5.4.4 If the overseas students change their address outside the school, they must fulfill the above procedures again.

5.4.5 The safety of personal and property should be paid attention to when foreign students stay outside the school. In case of any infringement or other emergency, they should pay attention to the safety and protection of their personal and property

Alarm in time.


6. Living facilities

Students can eat in three student restaurants in the school. The innocence window is located on the third floor of Xihe canteen and the second floor of the hotel canteen. There are many restaurants, fast restaurants, supermarkets, laundry shops, photo studios around the campus, which can meet the needs of most students.


7. Post Telecom

If students send letters, they can send the stamped letters to the reception room on the west side of the first floor of the library. If you need to send a parcel or send airmail, express mail, etc., you need to go to the post office. Address: 161 left street.

If a friend sends you something, you can send it directly to the international student management center. The address of communication is:

China, No. 318 Liuhe Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China.


8. Network services

Students in the room of the Songsong apartment have an Internet interface, students can apply for free internet access. Students can access the network through the client. The user name is the student passport number and the password is 123. Students in the Songsong apartment go to building 122.

At the beginning of the school, the international students Donghe apartment network school began to strive for mobile companies to come to the school to handle students. Students should go to the East and the mobile company network service at the entrance of the apartment.


9. Currency and bank

9.1 Currency

Only RMB can be used in China. The unit of RMB is yuan, the auxiliary currency is angle and cent, and the abbreviation is RMB. There are 10 kinds of the face value of 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 5 corners, 2 corners, and 1 corner. The coins are 1 yuan, 5 cents, and 1 corner.


9.2 Change money

Foreign currencies such as the pound, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, euro, yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar can be converted into RMB.

There are China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China on the street, which can handle the exchange of RMB and US dollars and deposits. If you want to handle other foreign exchange business, you need to deal with it in the Bank of China. The bus route is 310 bus, and Fuyuan Xincun station is off.

Please don't change money on the street to avoid economic losses. A passport or residence permit is required for change. You need to carry your passport or residence permit when opening an account. For specific problems, you can consult with the bank.

In the Bank of China, the foreign currency that can be deposited directly includes seven currencies: pound, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, euro, yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and euro.

N customer service telephone of Bank of China 95566

Website—— http://www.bank-of-china.com/


9.3 Bank

There is an Hangzhou United Bank across the gate of the school, leaving the streets of Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and Hangzhou bank.

Agricultural Bank of China Chengxi sub-branch: 165 left street.

China Construction Bank left branch: 135 left street.


10. Train tickets and aircraft tickets

Train tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of Hangzhou railway station and Hangzhou east railway station. Tickets can be online at www.ctrip.com Or a travel service company is scheduled to purchase them at Hangzhou civil aviation joint ticket office, Tel: 0571-868555368686560381853998.


11. Urban traffic

There are K310, k193, B 7, K136, K213 (night bus), and other bus lines at the gate of Zhejiang University of science and technology, which is convenient to travel. The 7-way shopping and sightseeing are very convenient in Wulin Square and other places in the center of the city. But bus lines and stop signs sometimes also change, students should pay more attention.

When taking the bus, we should help to stand steady, take a taxi to fasten the safety belt, especially on the highway, pay attention to traffic safety. Special attention should be paid to the safekeeping of the documents and property brought during the ride to avoid loss.

It is convenient to take a taxi. Taxi usually serves day and night. When taking a taxi, you must ask for an invoice to avoid the loss of goods without evidence.

Bicycles are a substitute tool used by many Chinese. It is a good idea to study at Zhejiang University of science and technology to buy a durable bicycle, but it is necessary to pay attention to locking it to prevent theft.


12. Holidays

International students enjoy the same holidays as Chinese students. In other countries, schools do not take holidays.

There are holiday arrangements for the year on the school calendar. On the eve of the holiday, the international student management center will inform the students. Except for the cold summer vacation, the festivals in China mainly include:

January 1 New Year's Day

April 5 Qingming Festival

Labor Day, May 1

May 5 (lunar calendar) Dragon Boat Festival

August 15 (lunar calendar) Mid Autumn Festival

National Day, October 1


13. After class activities and student associations

There are many basketballs, volleyball, and tennis courts on campus. You can choose different sports according to your own preferences. Some have to pay a certain fee. When carrying out sports activities, people should not be affected in their study and rest, but also should pay attention to the sports equipment and facilities.

Zhejiang University of science and technology has many student associations. In September, every year, each association will recruit new members. Posters in the school will be displayed on the poster boards. You can participate in different social activities according to your interests and hobbies.

International student management centers or departments sometimes organize various activities. All students are welcome to participate. Please pay close attention to the notice of each department and actively participate. If you need help, please consult the student management office in charge of the teacher.


14. Tourism in China

International students can travel to other places during their spare time.

When traveling, you must take your passport and keep your documents and valuables.

The place of tourism must be the area within China that is open to foreigners. Without permission, it is forbidden to enter areas and places that are not open to foreigners. If it is necessary to enter the open area only after special approval due to scientific research or academic needs. In case of violation of the above provisions, the public security organ will punish them by the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of foreigners.

Travel can only be done on weekends, holidays, and summer holidays. You can't take a vacation to travel during your study.

For tourism information, you can visit the Hangzhou tourism network and the China tourism network run by China National Tourism Administration.

website: http://www.gotohz.com ;


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