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Seminar held by Zhengzhou University Press

To implement the spirit of medical education reform of the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education, accelerate the reform and development of nursing education in the new era, exchange nursing teaching and reform experience, and cultivate high-quality nursing professionals. From April 16th to 18th, Zhengzhou University Press held the "14th Five-Year" Nursing Specialty Education and Teaching and Textbook Construction Seminar at Henan Medical College.


Chairman of the National Expert Steering Committee for the Construction of Nursing Textbooks for Higher Education, Professor You Liming, Academician of the American Academy of Nursing Sciences, Former Dean of the School of Nursing of Sun Yat-sen University, Wang Jinhe, Second Inspector of Henan Provincial Health Commission, Sun Junjian, Vice President of Henan University, Henan Medical College School Vice President Zhang Jinzhong, Dean of School of Nursing of Zhengzhou University Sun Changqing, Vice Dean of Zhang Yan, Dean of School of Nursing of Henan University Li Ruiling, Dean of School of Nursing of Xinxiang Medical College Luo Yanyan, Director of Nursing Department of Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital Liu Yanjin, People of Henan Province Zhang Hongmei, director of the nursing department of the hospital, Yang Huimin, deputy dean of the School of Nursing, Henan University of Science and Technology, Wang He, deputy dean of Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, Zhang Jina, deputy director of the nursing department of Henan Medical College; Han Ye, secretary of the Party branch and chairman of Zhengzhou University Press, Cui Qingfeng, deputy editor-in-chief of the publishing house, and Li Haitao, vice president, attended the meeting. More than 200 people including experts and scholars from colleges of nursing across the country, head of the nursing department of hospitals, Zhao Changxin, director of the human resources management department of our agency, Li Longchuan, president of the Medical and Health Branch, Miao Xuan, deputy president Zhang Xia, deputy editor Chen Wenjing, etc. Attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Sun Baoying, the president and editor-in-chief of our agency.




At the meeting, Han Ye first expressed our warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the experts and scholars on behalf of our agency. He hoped that everyone would strengthen cooperation in clinical nursing, teaching, and scientific research, and contribute to the cause of medical and health education. Zhang Jinzhong delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the host school, expressing his welcome to the participating experts and his gratitude to Zheng Dash for building the platform.


In his speech, Director Wang Jinhe pointed out that the reform and development of nursing education and teaching are at the right time, marching into a new era, serving great health, guarding the whole life cycle, and caring for the whole process of health. He emphasized that to do a good job in the construction of nursing textbooks, one is to raise awareness and deeply grasp the importance of textbook construction; the second is to reform and innovate, and to train high-quality nursing professionals; the third is to serve the needs and fully connect with medical and health care. Job demand.


In the expert report session, Professor You Liming shared the current status of the development of nursing education at home and abroad with the topic of "New Era Nursing Teaching Reform and Textbook Construction", as well as the specific requirements for the construction of nursing textbooks. The editor-in-chief Cui Qingfeng, the deputy editor-in-chief of Zhengzhou University Press, took "Thoughts on the Construction of Teaching Materials for the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" as the topic, shared the development history of the construction of higher education textbooks in my country and relevant national policies, and commented on the textbooks for colleges and universities during the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan period. The construction proposes countermeasures and suggestions. Professor Zhang Yan, deputy dean of the School of Nursing, Zhengzhou University, gave an academic report entitled "Development Strategies for Nursing Specialty in the Context of New Medical Sciences", and shared his thoughts on the construction of nursing textbooks and preparations for the establishment of a nursing teaching consortium.


There are two sub-venues in the group communication session. The first sub-venue is hosted by Professor Sun Changqing and Professor Liu Yanjin. At the seminar, Professor Luo Yanyan and others respectively shared and made speeches on topics such as "revision of subjects, new courses, research and start-up of nurse regulation training and specialized training materials", and "14th Five-Year Plan" teaching materials project experience sharing. The second sub-venue was hosted by Professor Zhang Jinzhong and Professor Zhang Hongmei. Professor Wang He and Professor Zhang Jina respectively used "Teaching material reform to promote the innovation and development of nursing education", "Case-based narrative nursing curriculum design-Nursing humanities" and "Construction based on" The keynote speeches were made on the theme of the "Three Education Reform" Nursing Curriculum System", and other representatives made active speeches from different angles around the theme of nursing teaching and building materials construction.




The convening of this seminar gave full play to the role of nursing experts and scholars in the research, consultation, and guidance of nursing education and teaching reform. It also accumulated publishing resources for our agency, enriched professional products, and created a publishing brand for nursing disciplines. , It will play a very good role in promoting medical publishing, especially nursing publishing.



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