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Business foundation course

1. Project introduction

Zhengzhou University is one of the universities jointly established by the National 211 Project Colleges and Universities, the Comprehensive Strength Enhancement Project of Central and Western Colleges, and the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Henan Province. Zhengzhou University has entered the ranks of first-class universities in the country. Zhengzhou University has four campuses with complete facilities. There are 54,000 full-time undergraduates, 19,000 postgraduates, and nearly 2,000 international students.

The Business Preparatory Course (Chinese) of Zhengzhou University provides bridge courses that connect high schools and universities. The program enables international students to consolidate their foundation in related majors, which will also help improve academic and professional Chinese as well as basic study skills. It also lays a solid foundation for international students, enabling them to smoothly transition from high school to courses in international trade, e-commerce, logistics management, and marketing.


2. Enrollment target

a) Students whose scores do not meet the admission requirements of relevant majors;

b) Students who plan to study international trade, e-commerce, logistics management, and marketing preparatory courses.


3. Main courses

a) The basic learning module allows international students to evaluate their own knowledge and strengthen their understanding of professional Chinese, advanced mathematics, physics and other related basic courses.

b) Professional training modules include a variety of professional subjects such as microeconomics, financial management, marketing, etc., to enrich students who are interested in related majors.



4. Learning Campus

Zhengzhou University-Main Campus Zhengzhou, Henan Province

No. 100, Science Avenue, High-tech Development Zone, 450001


5. Study time

a) Module study: 2-7 months

b) Module review: July to September

c) Final exam: September


6. Teaching

Count 16-20 teaching hours per week


7. Registration Date

Start of the spring semester


8. Course Evaluation

The final exam will be held in mid-September. The evaluation team will conduct a detailed evaluation of the test scores and announce the results. Students will be eligible for admission to the bachelor's degree program of Zhengzhou University.


9. Certificate Award

a). Certificates issued after successfully completing the preparatory course and passing all examinations;

b). Certificate of study issued after completing PBPME but failing all exams;

c). No certificate will be issued if the exam fails.


10. Eligibility

a). Not a Chinese citizen. 18~23 years old (Applicants under the age of 18 need to provide a guardian authorization letter certified by the embassy)
b). At least high school graduation (or equivalent)
c). High school scores are not less than 10-15% of the admission requirements for relevant undergraduate majors of Zhengzhou University.
d). HSK4 180 (or equivalent)
e). Financial guarantee to support China's education. Physical and mental health
f). No criminal records


11. Application time

From November to December, please contact us for more details.


12. Application documents

a). Normal passport (page with photo and address)

b). High school diploma (or equivalent certificate)

c). High school transcript (or equivalent academic transcript)

d). Effective report of English language proficiency test

e). Medical report

f). Certificate of Good Conduct

g). Guardian authorization letter (applicable to applicants under the age of 18)


13. Contact Information

Phone/Fax: 0086-371-67780665

Email: admission@zzu.edu.cn

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