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Inspection and acceptance of publishing fund projects

On April 15th, He Rui, deputy director of the National Publishing Fund Office, Sun-Yu, deputy editor-in-chief of Tsinghua University Press, Gao Chunmei, director of the Finance Department of Peking University Medical Press, and six people including Zhang Yanzhou, Ju Ying, and Peng Shuo of the National Publishing Fund Office, Go to our agency to check and accept the 2019 National Publishing Fund Project "Series of Books on the Development and Transformation of New Wound Treatment Technology". Liang Li, Director of the Publishing Division of the Publicity Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Xiong Peng, a second-level researcher, Li Xingcheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of our school; Sun Baoying, president and editor-in-chief of our agency, Cui Qingfeng and Wu Xin, deputy editors-in-chief, and Li Haitao, vice presidents attended Meeting; Li Zhenchuan, senior medical editor of our society, and more than 20 members of the publishing fund project team participated in the acceptance meeting. The meeting was chaired by Han Ye, secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the board of directors of our society.




At the meeting, Li Xingcheng, on behalf of Zhengzhou University, welcomed all the experts participating in the meeting and introduced the basic situation of Zhengzhou University and the rapid development of the school in recent years. He particularly pointed out that Zhengzhou University has obvious advantages in the development of medical disciplines, and the construction of medical disciplines and the training of medical talents have achieved remarkable results; Zhengzhou University Press has outstanding characteristics in the field of clinical medicine, especially trauma medicine. Since 2012, it has undertaken the "Graphical Organization Dynamics (10 volumes), "Chinese War Traumatology" (11 volumes), and other 7 large-scale national publishing fund projects for medical disciplines, have a high publishing ability to undertake large-scale medical disciplines.


He Rui pointed out in his speech that the establishment of the National Publishing Fund aims to prosper and develop my country's press and publishing industry and encourage and support the publication of outstanding public welfare publications using subsidies. The Publishing Fund focuses on funding outstanding publishing projects that represent the development level of my country's publishing industry and represent the development level of my country's philosophy, social sciences, literature and art, natural sciences, and engineering technology. Funded projects fully embody authority, scientificity, and professionalism, and play important policy guidance and demonstration leading role in creating high-quality goods, leading the direction, prospering culture, promoting development, and enhancing cultural soft power. They have played an important role in promoting my country’s publishing industry. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of quality and the promotion of the prosperity of socialist culture.




The project leader Sun Baoying reported in detail on the project operation and high-quality publication from five aspects: project overview, project implementation, social benefits and impact, experience and perception, and prospects.


Subsequently, the expert group carefully checked the rules and regulations, contract agreements, finished books, project financial documents, and other physical objects and materials in the implementation of the project, and questioned the project leader and main members of the project team on relevant details. After careful acceptance and evaluation by the expert group, it is believed that during the implementation of the project, the guarantee system is sound, the "three reviews and three schools" are strict, the content layout is reasonable, the design is well-bound, and the expenditures are standardized. After full discussion by the expert group, it was unanimously agreed that the project passed the final acceptance with an "excellent" grade.


Finally, Liang Li delivered a speech, paying tribute to the professionalism and hard work of the deputy director He Rui and all the staff of the inspection team, and thanked the inspection team for the improvement suggestions. At the same time, Zheng Dashe must follow the requirements of the acceptance team, be rigorous, meticulous, and strive for perfection, and strive to make the project results into high-quality products, stand the test of history and time, and dedicate high-quality academic results to the society.


The National Publishing Fund Project "Series of Books on the Research and Transformation of New Wound Treatment Technology" undertaken by Zhengzhou University Press has a large-scale, complete system, rigorous logic, and strong innovation. A total of 26 volumes, 6.675 million words, and 6464 pictures. The series is edited by Fu Xiaobing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an academician of the American Academy of Engineering, and the chief scientist of Chinese trauma medicine and tissue repair and regenerative medicine. It is carefully compiled by experts with a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in wound treatment, as well as by young and middle-aged technical backbones. It is a comprehensive set of the latest achievements in the development of basic research, clinical treatment theory, and technology in the field of wound treatment in my country. It has strong academic and practicality and has important theories and theories to promote the scientific research, teaching, and clinical application of wound treatment technology in my country. Practice value.


The National Publishing Fund project "series of books on the development and transformation of new technologies for wound treatment" successfully passed the final acceptance, which is one of the important achievements of our company's project to strengthen the company's strategy. By undertaking this project, a group of authoritative authors in the field of trauma medicine have been gathered, a team of talents such as editing and proofreading has been forged, a distinctive brand of medical publishing has been created, the management efficiency of the publishing house has been improved, and the double-effect of book publishing has been unified. The high-quality development of the company has laid a solid foundation.

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