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The library of Zhengzhou University

The library of Zhengzhou University is composed of the former library of Zhengzhou University, the former library of Zhengzhou University of technology, and the former library of Henan Medical University. At present, Zhengzhou University Library has a new campus Central Library and three old campus branches, with a total construction area of 84000 square meters.




At present, Zhengzhou University Library has a new campus Central Library and three old campus branches, with a total construction area of 84000 square meters. The library of Zhengzhou University always adheres to the mode of "building the library into an open, humanistic and compound library, as well as a literature and information base and a learning and scientific research base of the University", adheres to the library tenet of "reader first, service and education", and advocates and establishes the library style of "unity, harmony, realism, dedication, and innovation".


1. Book collection scale

There are social science library, self Science Library, literature and art library, rare book library, intensive library, current library, back-issue library, ancient book library, sample library, dissertation library, reference book reading room, Henan local literature reading room, quality education reading room, foreign language book reading room, retrieval reference book reading room, etc There are more than 30 libraries and reading rooms, as well as several public reading areas, with a total of 6642 reading seats, four 520 electronic reading rooms and one 90 seat training room. All reading rooms and stacks are open for 98 hours a week, which is convenient for students and teachers. The sorting service of books is carried out by the students in the work-study area of Zhengzhou University Library.


The library has 7.139 million books and materials, 18325 kinds of Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals, including 3325 kinds of paper newspapers and periodicals, and 11119 pieces of audio-visual materials. It has 138 important network and CD-ROM databases at home and abroad, including world-famous scientific and technological literature retrieval tools, electronic journal full-text database with high academic value, doctoral and master's thesis database, electronic books, etc. About 2.49 million Chinese and foreign e-books and 18000 Chinese and foreign e-journals can be retrieved and used by teachers and students through the campus network. Also, there is a dialog international online retrieval system, which can provide the use of more than 600 large professional databases. The above Chinese and foreign language databases provide 24 × 7 services through the campus network, which can be consulted and searched by teachers and students at any time.




2. Modernization drive

It has realized the automation of business work in an all-around way and established an online and offline two-level digital resource storage system with a storage capacity of 190TB. Henan Province CD-ROM service center with books and academic search and full-text delivery system has been established to enhance the management function and service level of digital resources and further improve the utilization rate of electronic resources.


The library has a comprehensive "sci-tech Novelty Retrieval workstation" (Z12) approved by the Ministry of Education. In June 2009, the library was approved by the Ministry of culture as the "national key protection unit of ancient books", and 33 rare ancient books have been selected into the "national precious list of ancient books". The library has joined the CALIS phase III key construction project "University Ancient Literature Resource Database" and become its member library, which is synchronized with the construction of ancient books database.


The library has two university-level research institutions, namely, the Institute of Zhouyi and ancient literature of Zhengzhou University and the Institute of science and technology information of Zhengzhou University. With the attention of the university leaders, scientific research work has made rapid development. In 2009, two research projects funded by the National Social Science Fund were set up at one time. In recent three years, the library has set up and completed nearly 60 provincial-level projects. Promote development by scientific research, promote service by scientific research, enhance scientific research ability and establish a new image of the library.


3. Cooperation and exchange

The library attaches great importance to foreign exchange and cooperation and has established friendly cooperative relations with some domestic university libraries. It has also established a joint relationship with the Department of information management of Zhengzhou University, with 8 master's tutors. The Secretariat of Henan University Library and Information Work Committee and the "management center", "Arts and Science Center", "Engineering Center" and "medical center" of Henan Higher Education Document Guarantee System (Halis system) are all located in Zhengzhou University Library. At the same time, they are also the location of Henan document information service center of China Higher Education Document Guarantee System (CALIS system). The college students' reading Committee of the Chinese Library Association is attached to the library. The library not only serves the development of Zhengzhou University but also serves the development of University Libraries in Henan Province and the co-construction, common knowledge, and sharing of higher education literature resources in Henan Province.


4. Department introduction

There are six departments and two rooms in the library, namely the office, the acquisition, and editing department, the reader service department 1, the reader service department 2, network technology department, reference department, ancient books, and special collections department, and information retrieval teaching and research department.

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